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Foot Fetish Grandma Charges Men $200 An Hour To Watch Her Performances

A 60-year-old grandma is making $200 an hour satisfying the foot fetishes of young men in x-rated webcam performances.

She says she never thought of herself as being especially attractive, but decided to try web cam work after being inundated with unwanted lewd messages on dating apps.

The grandma decided to try cam modeling after one match told her that her look, which includes died hair and tattoos, was highly desired in the online world.

She says her fanbase is varied, but made up mostly of students and married men between 18 and 35.She charges around $200 an hour, and can make up to $3000 a month as a performer. 

Clients on live chat rooms can see the grandma in lingerie, completely naked, and even close-ups of her feet.