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What Your Valentine Flowers Say About Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is next week and flowers are always a popular gift, but which ones should you send?

Different blooms send different messages about your relationship, so if you don’t want to say “I love you,” when you really mean to say “I like you as a friend,” let these flower experts help guide you to the right bouquet.

  • Red roses- They’re the classic Valentine’s Day flowers and flower expert Robert Cottone says red roses symbolize true love, desire, and devotion.
  • Yellow roses- If you get these from the object of your affection, it may be a sign they just want to be friends. Cottone says yellow roses indicate platonic emotions, so they’re perfect for your bestie, but not what you want from your Valentine.
  • Lavender roses- Get excited if you get these from your partner because they “express love at first sight and enchantment,” according to Cottone.
  • Succulents- They may not seem romantic, but plant pros Laurenne Resnik andWhitney Port say succulents symbolize everlasting love because they have a very long shelf life.
  • Daffodils- These springtime favorites represent chivalry and happiness and could be sending the message you make your mate really happy.
  • Yellow chrysanthemums- Cottone says these flowers symbolize lust from someone afar, so you may have a secret admirer if you get these on Valentine’s Day and you’re single.
  • Calla lily- If you get these from your sweetie, they’re in it for the long haul because Cottone says they symbolize faithfulness and true devotion. The white ones represent purity and the purple ones stand for passion and admiration, so it’s a win-win either way.
  • Orchid -Our flower expert explains these exotic blooms represent love, luxury, beauty and strength, and who wouldn’t want that on Valentine’s Day?
  • Carnation- With these flowers, the message all depends on the color. Pink carnations are linked with deep love, like a mother’s, and Cottone says a bouquet of deep purple, fuchsia, or lime green carnations is perfect for the man in your life.