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PIC: Adele Shows Off Incredible Weight Loss At Oscars

Just how many pounds has Adele lost recently? It's not 19or 21or 25--it's a whopping 100 pounds, according to what she recently told a fan.

Meredith Noonan, a 25-year-old business school student, tellsUs Weekly she was vacationing in Anguilla when she unexpectedly ran into Adele and vacation buddy Harry Styles.

"When she introduced herself...I apologized for not recognizing her right away and she said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ve lost around 100 pounds,'” Noonan says. “We told her how great she looks. She seemed very happy and relaxed, totally enjoying her vacation! We didn’t talk about how she lost it.”

Noonan added, “The most unexpected part was Adele walking over and sitting down with us, and then asking Harry to come over. Both Adele and Harry were so genuine and it’s nice to get a glimpse of who they really are.”

registered dietitian told Us Weekly that she'd estimate that Adele had lost up to 70 pounds.

Over the weekend Adele showed off an even slimmer figure. We think she looks great!