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Debate Over American Airlines Passenger Shaming The Man Who Sat Behind Her

An American Airlines passenger has divided social media after video-shaming a fellow traveller who 'punched' and pushed her seat when she reclined it.It was a flight from Charlotte to New Orleans.

The passenger filmed the man, who was sitting in a seat behind her that didn't recline.

She posted a clip of him continually nudging her seat to Twitter, but not everyone believes he’s in the wrong.

The woman claims that when she first reclined her seat, the man asked her to put it back up while he ate - and she complied.

When he finished eating, she reclined again and alleges that 'he punched my seat about nine times'

After that, he started rhythmically and forcefully jabbing her seat.

The woman claims that despite complaining to a flight attendant, they offered the man a complimentary drink and threatened to have her escorted off the plane.