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8-Year-Old Girl Hosts Target-Themed Birthday Party At Local Store

Little Brayden Smith is "obsessed with Target," her aunt, Rikki Jackson, tells CNN. And on Sunday, Brayden and 10 of her friends went to an Atlanta-area Target dressed in red shirts and khakis and "took over the store" for Brayden's 8th birthday.

The girls participated in a scavenger hunt, after which Brayden was permitted to check her chums out at a cash register. Her aunt says she and Brayden's mom "had to ask special permission from the manager" to throw their birthday bash at the store, which doesn't normally host parties.

The girls were also equipped with walkie-talkies, and the manager supplied them with name tags to give their retail cosplay a more authentic feel.

"They were basically like Target team members, which was pretty cool," one real-life Target employee said of the experience.