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McDonald’s Unveils Shamrock Shake With 18K Gold Diamonds

McDonald’s is celebrating 50 years of Shamrock Shakes by unveiling the Golden Shamrock Shake.

Valued at almost $100,000, the Golden Shamrock Shake is a hand-crafted, luxurious cup made with high-polish 18K gold and precious stones, designed to hold a Shamrock Shake.

The cup includes 50 green emeralds and white diamonds representing 50 years of Shamrock Shake flavor as well as 50 yellow diamonds in each of the Golden Arches.

Shamrock Shake fans will have the chance to win the Golden Shamrock Shake by placing a bid at the Ronald McDonald House eBay for Charity page.

McDonald’s is also giving customers the chance to win a Golden Shamrock Shake via the McDonald’s App through March 6.