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"Unicorn" Dog Has A Single Ear On Top Of Her Head

A Michigan golden retriever puppy is being called a "unicorn" because she has a single ear on the top of her head, according to UPI. Rae, which is "ear" spelled backwards, needed emergency surgery as a newborn. 

She is now 12-weeks-old and being cared for Brianna Aardema, one of the staff who cared for her during that surgery. 

"The minute I saw her, I knew I wanted to raise her and be there for her even though I knew the road to recovery wouldn't always be easy," said Aardema. 

Rae is gaining a following on social media due to her unique look; Aardema says there is no official name for Rae's condition. Aardema says that Rae's ear was first on the side of her head but began to rise toward the crown of her head after surgery. 

"She's amazingly brave tough little girl who has the most confidence of any puppy I've known," Aardema said.