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Unofficial Covid-19 Test Can Hear Infection In Your Voice

"Carnegie Mellon University,,, and Incremental Healthcare LLC collaboratively bring you this experimental system designed to detect signatures of Covid-19 infections in your voice. This is a free service.​

We are a team of voice scientists and engineers who work on voice forensic technologies. The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly across the world. There is a growing shortage of medical testing facilities. Tens of thousands of potentially infected people who need to be tested do not have easy access to medical tests. Our goal is to develop a voice-based testing system for Covid-19, that could potentially reach every person in the world.​

This website provides Covid-19 assessment from voice. You may try it out, but please see the disclaimer below. To make this system accurate, we urgently need examples of voices from healthy and infected people. Please use this system to donate your voice. Please ask your friends family to also do so. Together we may help save lives.​

What this system currently provides:This is an AI-powered system that analyzes your voice and gives you a score. The score is a rating on a scale of 1-10 that tells you the likelihood that your voice carries signatures of Covid-19. The higher the returned rating, the greater the likelihood that you may be infected. In addition, the system provides an assessment of your lung capacity where possible. ​

Please remember that this system is still very much under development. It will improve as we obtain more data from healthy and infected individuals. Everyone is urged to contribute data, particularly if you are or have been infected. Please act responsibly and provide accurate information. The accuracy of the data we obtain will dictate our ability to succeed."

Click HERE to take the test