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Man Who Asked Neighbor Out Using Drone Takes Her Out On Date

A man who used a drone to ask a woman out on a date during the coronavirus lockdown in New York has taken her out on their first in-person date-- while wearing a protective inflatable bubble. 

Brooklyn photographer, Jeremy Cohen shared a video on social media of him flying a drone with his phone number attached to the woman, named Tori, while self-isolating.

Cohen explained in an earlier video how he first noticed the woman from his New York apartment when she was seen dancing on a nearby rooftop, and decided to put his time in quarantine to good use by asking her out in a funny and very novel way. 

Knowing that he would be unable to meet her in person while New York City was in lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to use his drone to fly over his number to her. 

An hour later, Tori texted Cohen her response. In the days since, Cohen reported that Tori and he had gone on a first 'date'. 

Afterwards, Cohen said he planned to 'take this relationship to the next level'. Cohen messaged Tori and asked her to meet him outside her apartment for their first official in-person date - to which she agreed. 

What Tori could not have guessed was that Cohen would be wearing an enormous inflatable bubble to ensure that the two of them remained socially distant even while hanging out together. 

In yet another TikTok video titled, 'How to date during Quarantine (PART 3)', Cohen is seen outside his apartment building manually inflating the bubble, before climbing inside. He also posed with a bouquet of flowers for Tori.

He says, 'I needed to see her, but I also wanted to respect the fact that we should be social-distancing.' She notices him in his bubble suit, buckles at the knee and begins laughing. He says, 'I think she liked it.'In addition to flowers, Cohen also jokes that he brought hand sanitizer, which he said was a 'misstep' because he is inside the protective bubble.

The pair then go on a walk together through their neighborhood when a cop stops them. But it turns out the police officer recognized Cohen's story from the news and just wanted a selfie.