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Athlete Loses Virtual Triathlon After Husband Trips On Bike's Power Cord

Talk about a power trip! A female triathlete was disqualified from the virtual triathlon she was competing in this past weekend after her husband literally tripped over her smart bike's power cord. 

Mirinda Carfrae was in second place during the Ironman VR Pro Challenge when her spouse and fellow triathlete, Tim O’Donnell, tripped over the cord and severed her connection to the race.

Carfrae kept biking even after she fell off the leaderboard, while O'Donnell tried to make amends by holding up a handmade sign that read, "My bad!"

The 39-year-old Carfrae later said, “He decided to bring my trophies in here as motivation and when he walked around the back he kicked out the plug. What an idiot!”

She added, “Tim is racing next weekend and I won’t pull his cord out."