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Two Residents & Their Pound Untouched After Intense Tornado In Mississippi

A series of tornadoes trekked across Mississippi Easter Sunday leaving a path of extensive destruction, and at least 11 fatalities in Mississippi. One remarkable example of the power and randomness of a tornado was documented in Soso, Mississippi.

Roof gone. Home destroyed. Surrounding trees snapped. Yet, somehow, both of the residents inside survived. And, so did their pound cake.

Untouched in a glass jar on the counter, as if nothing had occurred. The pound cake completely unscathed. And dishes still perfectly in tact inside the cabinets.

The residents inside rode the storm out in a small bathroom in the only part with a roof left.

The tornado in Soso, Mississippi has not yet been rated. However, the National Weather Service will be out over the next few days to survey the intensity of the tornadoes.