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PICS: Johnjay & Rich Listener Creates Perfect Prom Night From Home

Johnjay shared throwback pictures from his high school prom that he posted on Instagram. He got tons of messages about his post, but this one stood out more to him from Linda.

"I love your prom/wedding post! I never went to prom bc I didn’t have money and had to work to help my family. 21 years later, I’ve never missed it but dating my boyfriend now and hearing him talk about the typical high school things like prom, made me realize I wanted to go to prom with him. So, we did our own prom while quarantined and it was better than any high school prom I could have had. I was able to have it exactly as I wanted with someone I plan on having in my life beyond high school. We made copy cat Olive Garden food bc that was the fanciest restaurant I knew in high school. We made each other’s corsage and boutonniere and I did the “night under the stars” theme backdrop. Everything cost $20. As a guy, he didn’t care but it didn’t require any effort on his part but to show up in a tie and make my corsage. Best adult prom ever. I hope seniors will one day realize it’s better to have prom as an adult. Thanks for your post."