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Ex-Disneyland Employee Spills Beans On What Celebs Are Really Like

A TikTok user who once worked at Disneyland is going viral after she spilled the beans about her behind-the-scenes celebrity encounters at the happiest place on Earth.

Nicole Smith says the coolest stars she met included Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, who were both "very nice," and the "very kind" Demi Lovato. She also calls the late Kobe Bryant "so sweet" and gushes that Mary J. Blige is "talented, brilliant, amazing, show-stopping...the nicest person ever."

As for the not-so-great, Smith says Nicolas Cage is not only "creepy" and "weird," but also "looks like a vampire. He looks like he glows in the dark." She also claims that Jason Derulo "does not know lyrics to Christmas songs and he had to write the lyrics on his hand. It was kind of embarrassing."

But the all-time worst? Mariah Carey and ex-husband Nick Cannon. "These people are awful...She is an absolute diva and he is an absolute diva," Smith says.

Since going viral, Smith doubled down on her Carey and Cannon callout. "She's just rude, she's not very friendly, she's not that great," Smith says.

"Nick Cannon, on the other hand, has zero excuse to be a diva because you're Nick Cannon...He was basically like, 'Don't look at me, don't talk to me, don't even breathe in my direction'...Like, you're Nick Cannon, you're not that special!"