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Did Taylor Swift Use Her Brother To Pull A Fast One On Scooter Braun?

Looks like Taylor Swift might have found a way to stop celeb-manager and record label owner Scooter Braun from telling her what to do with her music, according to Elle.

On Sunday night, Taylor Swift tweeted about a "cover" of her song "Look What You Made Me Do" being on the latest episode of the show Killing Eve. "VERY STOKED about this cover... Jack Leopards & the Dolphin Club!!" she wrote.

Suspiciously, the "band" only has one tune to its credit--this cover. More suspiciously, Swift's pen name, Nils Sjöberg, is listed as a producer.

Her brother, Austin, once used "The Dolphin Club" as his Twitter name, and he was seen at the studio with Swift and Jack Antonoff, the lead singer of The Bleachers and a frequent producer of Swift's.

Fans immediately speculated that the tune was performed by Austin and Antonoff as an attempt by the trio to keep Scooter Braun's hands off the song. Swift and Braun are embroiled in a nasty, ongoing battle about Swift's discography since he took over her former music label. 

"Her galaxy brain is wilding. I love it here," said one fan.