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Which Horoscope Signs Are Shy & Why

Ranked from the shyest to the least

1. Virgo is the shyest.

Virgos don’t like to engage in conversations that you feel do not relate to you. You are not the type of person who will speak just to fill the silence in a room.

And In new environments or situations, you might feel overwhelmed and come off as "awkward."

2. Cancer doesn't like the limelight.

Cancers are the friends who do not seem like they are interested but trust me, they're absorbing all of your words and figuring out the right response.

You would rather sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation rather than interrupt.

3. Pisces prefers to remain in the background.

Pisces are naturally reserved and become extremely anxious in environments where they do not know the people.

Because they are very sensitive and do not like confrontation.

They will most likely keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves to avoid conflict.

4. Capricorn would rather you not be noticed

Capricorns are not the best at small talk. If the conversation is not geared toward any of their interests, you will lose their attention immediately.

Capricorns have a hard time trying to relate to a conversation that has no use to them.

5. Scorpio is shy and loves privacy.

Don't be fooled by their stingers, Scorpios are notoriously shy people! From first impressions, Scorpios look very standoffish and might come across as them being shy.

Once you get to know these people, they will openly and freely express themselves and their hidden emotions.

6. Taurus can be reluctant to be too vocal without provocation.

In social settings, Taurus' will put on a show for everyone! However, behind closed doors is when they truly reveal their emotional and sensitive side.

Like the Cancer, Taurus' will seem quiet but they are just listening intently.

7. Aquarius is shy, but they don't make the top of the list.

When you first meet an Aquarius, they might not be as talkative as they can truly be.

All you need to do is show them that you are interested in their conversation and you will unlock their spunky personality!

8. Sagittarius are bold and blunt, but they don't command attention.

Sag's are one of the most spontaneous and vibrant zodiac signs!

They love to have a good time and even more, they love seeing their close friends and families enjoying their time as well.

9. Libra is social, but they prefer one-on-one relationships.

Once you crack through their initial impressions which seems as though they are reserved, Libras are some of the best people to be around.

They will always engage with any conversation they're in and will never make you feel like what you say is uninteresting.

10. Aries, are never shy.

These fiery, feisty individuals may seem like firecrackers in the worst way possible.

Trust me, Aries' are super fun to be around and you will never not be laughing around them!

11. Gemini loves to be in the limelight, and they are rarely ever shy.

With the two twins ruling over their entire lives, Gemini's have multiple faces that they can put on to please everyone they're around.

No matter who they are with or where they are, they'll make sure their guests are entertained the entire night.

12. Leo is the least shy of them all.

Leos pride themselves to be the center of attention at all times.

Try not to overstep your boundaries because they will definitely snap.

Leos are the true lives of any party and will be sure they are known by everyone in the room.