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WATCH: California 'Firenado' Looks Like Something Out Of A Movie!

A 'firenado' was caught on camera in California as wildfires tear through large swathes of the west coast, killing at least 35 people. 

Footage showing a wildfire meeting a column of air to create a tornado-like effect was posted on TikTok went viral over the weekend. Social media users nicknamed the state 'Hellifornia', with one writing: "2020 said 'Hey, y'all know what's missing? A firenado! ...."

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for Northern California through tonight, saying strong southerly winds and low humidity will result in elevated fire weather conditions.

Oregon had similar weather warnings as wildfire continued to burn acres of the West Coast.

Search and rescue teams looked for victims under burned residences and vehicles in the aftermath of fires. Emergency workers lost their homes and veterinarians helped animals as their own families faced threat.

In California 24 people were dead, 10 in Oregon and one in Washington.