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TikToker Warns About Expired Beauty Products At Third Party Retailers

We love a good bargain as much as anyone, but you have to know what you’re buying. Beauty blogger Canon Ryder is giving his followers a word of caution to always check the manufacture date of cosmetics and beauty products before buying.

In a recent TikTok video, he warns that many third-party discount retailers sell items that are extremely expired.

He also shares a way to double-check how new the product you’re buying actually is. In his video, Ryder explains that you’ll need the product’s batch number to find out when it was made by looking it up on the website

In his TikTok, he looks up the manufacture date of an Olay moisturizer sold at TJ Maxx using the batch code found on the bottom of the product and he finds it was allegedly manufactured in January 2011 - nearly a decade ago!

Ryder warns, “Don’t get scammed!” Of course, not all beauty products sold at third-party retailers, like TJ Maxx, will be expired, but you need to know what you’re putting on your face. Saving money is great, but not if your skin suffers because of it.