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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How will The Great Conjunction Affect You


With the Great Conjunction going down, you'll be casting for a dream team, both live and virtually. Say goodbye to your solo star schtick… as you get involved with people who share your ideals. Activism, plant medicine, technology startups—whatever stimulates your higher consciousness us what you need to focus on. At the same time, recognize that great minds don't necessarily think alike. Be ready to welcome different voices as long as their coming from free-thinking intellectuals.


The Great Conjunction, could make epic strides towards your professional life—yes even in "this" economy. You may find employment at an international firm. With Jupiter refreshing your perspective and Saturn bringing the wisdom of maturity, you could heal some old pain—or the cultural impact of toxic masculinity. This is also a call to celebrate the “divine masculine,” which is the healthy expression of male energy that doesn’t include domination, ego or force. As the year winds down, make a point of surrounding yourself with guys you admire and respect. They will be among your greatest allies in 2021!


The Great Conjunction is bringing you an epic adventure. It’s time for a higher mind and journey. This could involve relocating to a new city, traveling by RV for a semester or going back to virtual schooling. Major profits in 2021 are coming for you. Gemini, this can be a powerful moment for taking action around your dreams. While Saturn restrains your appetite, it also adds clout and stamina. If you're dreaming of going big, you'll have the follow-through to turn your visions into reality. Strike the word "impossible" from your vocabulary—it has no place there now.


The Great Conjunction will remind you that yes, you can have it all. This pairing of planets will be guiding you to relationships that deliver security and excitement in equal measure. And you might just find that “total package” near December 21st. If you’re feeling the love, you could take things to a more permanent level. Also, with this laser-focused zone activated, you could get wrapped up in an all kinds of projects, some that require attention to detail. Financial investments could pay off too. This is a time to formalize a business partnership that gives you access to incredible resources.


The Great Conjunction will bring you the ideal energetic blend of excitement and stability. Which could lead you to a long-distance relationship or a cross-cultural connection. Your WhatsApp and FaceTime could be on heavy rotation, perhaps also due to a business opportunity that arrives from afar. Also, its time to be with someone who is your equal. Two lions isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Great Conjunction will provide that sensible burst of momentum whether you're planning a wedding, a family, shopping for a love nest or starting a YouTube channel together. Whatever the project is, you'll love building it with your boo!


With the Great Conjunction you’ll be getting a wakeup call to take better care of yourself and to find a healthier work-life balance. Ignoring or neglecting your physicality is no longer an option. You have to cut out stress, ask for help (and allow yourself to receive it!) and treat your body the temple it is. While Saturn lends discipline, Jupiter pours rocket fuel in your tanks. If you’ve fallen off the wellness wagon, this driven duo will bring you back on it. Get your heartbeat up this winter.


The Great Conjunction powers up your fifth house of fame, glamour and true romance. Always dress as if your “major moment” could happen at any time. Creatively, you will be on fire. Saturn brings the sensible solutions; Jupiter delivers the visionary ideas. So get ready to have a lot of projects in 2021. Romantically, The Great Conjunction will bring all kinds of incredible developments, a bold next step with your long-term love.


How is the Great Conjunction going to affect you, well, whether you stay put in your lovely home, invest in real estate, or turn the focus to your body, you need your space to feel RIGHT. Remember this: Wherever you go, there you are. It’s time to develop a meditation routine or breathing practices. These are ways for you come home to yourself, even when there’s chaos all around you. Working with family or starting a home-based business could also bring untold success 2021.


This Dynamic duo will bring you communication and combined energy. Remember this, two is your magic number! But no handshake deals, Sag. With Saturn and risk-taking Jupiter aligned, you can finally make something official. Have an attorney draft a contract and expect to negotiate back and forth before you get it all hammered out. This isn’t just for longevity’s sake, but also for self-protection. The deals you make near December 21st, you need to make sure your rights and intellectual property are covered


With the Great Conjunction, keep your mind on your money as Jupiter and Saturn combine their superpowers in your second house of values and financial foundations. It’s a popular saying among the Law of Attraction that “the roots create the fruits." If you’ve been a persistent Goat, building your platform on a sturdy structure—without sacrificing your ethics—The Great Conjunction could yield a well-deserved year. Jupiter amplifies everything it touches. Saturn is the lord of karma and can bring stability and success to long-term missions. Be savvy, smart and strategic. A well-calculated risk could bring epic rewards!


With the Great Conjunction taking place, you'll be launched into new and unknown galaxies. The power-pairing of big-thinking Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn gives you both the courage and credibility you need to leap. What expansions have you been working on for the past years? : if it’s a business, moving to a new city, going to grad school? These are the kinds of experimental moves you could find yourself making—or at least, beginning to consider. Bottom line is, If you can dream it, you can monetize it!


Be ready for a spiritual journey! Relax and release, but don’t go unconscious! With the Great Conjunction, you’ll be a walking vision board, pulling genius ideas from everywhere. Make sure you keep that inspiration notebook on your nightstand to capture your ideas. Jupiter rules higher education, and Saturn will bring you planning skills. Also, what are you holding on to that no longer serves you? Where do you need closure or forgiveness? Has a relationship, job or habit run its course? Right now is the time to clear away anything that no longer serves you.