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RICH'S LIFE HACKS: (It’s National Pizza Day) Pizza hacks

It’s national pizza day



If you’re driving with a pizza..

Keep the toppings from shifting all over by sticking a water bottle .. at the bass of your car seat where you back and butt meet…

And that will level out the pizza keeping it from being lopsided when you get home.

REHEATING it and dont’ want it to be all soggy

All you have to do is place a glass of water in with your pizza when you reheat it in the microwave, and voila, toasty crust.


Burn your tongue on pizza?

No matter how many times it happens to me, I will always inevitably take a bite of my pizza while it’s still too hot and burn my tongue. I mean how can I possibly wait for it to cool down while it’s sitting there just begging me to delve into it’s cheesy, saucy, crustiness. I can’t resist. Sorry for being human. If you encounter this problem often like me, all you need is to pour some sugar on your tongue, then rub it on the roof of your mouth to get rid of the burning sensation. Then, feel free to continue eating that pizza.


If you order on line.. tip well on line.. it will make the delivery guy bring you .. your pizza .. fast.