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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Your Intuitive Power Based On Your Sign

Aries: Intuitive Energy Sensor

This sign senses energies around them. When people feel love, hate or desire, their energy vibrates in a different frequency. Aries are actually natural empaths from a very young age. You pick up on vibes immediately. However, most of them acknowledge this power as a vulnerability. So, that’s when they begin to build a stronger exterior.

Taurus: Instinctive Enemy Detector

For this sign, it’s either all Love or no Love. Passion or no Passion. A Taurus can sense danger from a distance and will protect themselves. They can always sense if someone is trying to violate the rules too.

Gemini: Natural Mind Reader

Gemini’s have a unique ability to ‘read’ others just by standing next to them. Because this sign is very social, they can easily tap into someone’s mind to have a better conversation with them. They’re also good at reading your feelings, your vibe and body language.

Cancer: The Truest Empath

Cancers realize the change of hearts and emotions by this weird feeling in their stomachs. Your gut feeling will never disappoint you because you’re highly sensitive to energy. Words may lie but energy never does!

Leo: Instinctive Heart Sensor

Leos can feel in their hearts who have given up on the higher powers. They can feel when someone is motivated and blessed or they can sense when someone is having a hard time.

Virgo: Intuitive Health Detector

Virgo’s have the ability to sense when something is wrong around them. Their intuition works like a high tech computer analyzing the facts every single second. They can also sense the energy in all living creatures and how healthy they are. This is why Virgo’s become great doctors, vets, and nurses because they just know when something’s wrong!

Libra: Instinctive Peace Maker

Even from a young age, a Libra senses what’s happening around them. When something disturbs their balance, they’ll start hurting inside. Libras need to have peace around them because they know peace is their medicine.

Scorpio: Natural Hunters of Secrets

No one can hide secrets from this sign. It’s actually amazing how they can even sense your desire to keep things from them. They have this ‘natural lie detector’ inside of them, which beeps every-time you try to mess with them.

Sagittarius: Intuitive Wisdom Sensor

Sagittarius are blessed by the king of gods, which is Zeus. This is why they’re instinctively attracted by teachers. As Sag grow up, they learn to detect the truth and follow the wisest ones. They also have a desire to keep learn which only helps their wisdom.

Capricorn: Instinctive Power Detector

Capricorns know how to evolve in society and acquire a status of power. This sign has the ability to sense who is powerful around them.

Aquarius: Intuitive Reality Bender

Aquarius are the only ones that can naturally feel changes in the universe. If you have a bad feeling Aquarius, you have to listen to it. Since you have those feelings, you’re the only one that can really bend reality or change the course of things.

Pisces: Intuitive Spirit Sensor

Pisces are natural born mediums. They can sense spiritual activity from a very young age. Once cultivated, Pisces can even sense, see or even interact with Spirits.