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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: The Most Likely To Be A Serial Killer, Ranked!

1. Capricorn (55 killers)

This sign is in need for total power and control. Capricorn’s not only like authority but they’re notorious for being cold blooded and having all emotions detached.

Examples include: The Sorcerer and Freeway Killer

2. Leo (46 killers)

Leo’s like that attention no matter if it’s good or bad. They want to be infamous. The scariest thing about a Leo is that they also thrive from torture. Which can be very disturbing.

Examples include: The Railroad Killer and Monster Killer.

3. Sagittarius (43 killers)

You will never see it coming with this sign. They can be so charming and nice that its so easy to trust them and let them in your house. Sagittarius like to keep ‘trophies’ too so that can be disturbing.

Examples include: Ted Bundy and the Interstate Killer.

4. Aquarius (42 killers) [TIED]

The reason this sign is number 4 on the list is because they can be fully detached form their emotions. Many of these serial killers target high-risk victims such as the poor and homeless, prostitutes, or runaways.

Examples include: Luis (The Beast) and Green River Killer

5. Libra (42 killers) [TIED]

Libra’s can actually be very violent. Their murders are a lot less messy than the others too. They also like taking valuables of the victims as ‘trophies’, and more specifically tying up at least one of their victims and posing them.

Examples include: The Trash Bag Murderer, The Hillside Strangler, and Pedro Lopez.

6. Scorpio (42 killers) [TIED]

Scorpios are known to be stalkers before they kill. They usually use a firearm and in almost all of the cases it involves prostitutes and hitchhikers.

Examples include: The ABC Killer and the Southside Killer.

7. Aries (42 killers) [TIED]

Aries are very predictable. Some of their violent acts include beating, strangling, arson, or anything that can rack up their body count. Their murders usually lack organization and are motivated by the idea of being #1.

Examples include: The Chessboard Killer and Raincoat Killer.

8. Gemini (40 killers) [TIED]

Gemini serial killers seemed to be vengeful above anything else. They usually target couples, families, neighbors, sometimes even their own. Most times they overkill with stabbing too.

Examples include: Jeffrey Dahmer and Samuel Little.

9. Pisces (40 killers) [TIED]

Pisces serial killers are the “too charming to be true” ones. There’s always some type of grooming with them. They get to know you on a deep level then they use your fears against you.

Examples include: John Wayne Gacy and Richard Ramirez.

10. Virgo (39 killers)

Virgos are ranked lower than expected. They’re most likely to be a former medical professional who poisons their patients or surgically dismembers them. Only Virgo’s are capable enough to be so meticulous.

Examples include: Angel of Death and Boston Strangler

11. Cancer (34 killers)

Cancer serial killers are known to start with gambling, petty theft, and assault. They’re known for beating, strangling, shooting, and even drowning in bathtubs. The trigger for many had something to do with someone betraying or blackmailing them.

Examples include: Charles Ray Hatcher and the Love Slave Killer.

12. Taurus (22 killers)

Taurus tend to hunt their victims in hiking trails, parks, mountains, sometimes even hotels. They rule over Mother Nature and basic necessities such as food. They would have no problem cooking you up.

Examples include: H.H. Holmes and the Gorilla Killer.