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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: The Most & Least Intelligent. RANKED!

1.Scorpio Zodiac Sign (23Oct- 21Nov)

Scorpio usually surprise everyone with how smart they are because they’re so low-key. Most times they sit back, watch and learn. There’s no fooling this sign what so ever. They have a sharp and wise mentality. They also have a very unique perceptive and are the best at understanding the world.

2. Aquarius Zodiac Sign (Jan20- Feb18)

This sign has many skills and wisdom.Aquarius tend to filter almost everything through their intellectual mind.They’re known for being accepting of ideas and concepts from sources other than themselves. They possess a strange and fascinating perspective of the world.

3. Virgo Zodiac Sign (Aug23 – Sep22)

Virgo’s take interest in all kinds of things… even the thing’s of no use. This quality makes them different from others. If there’s no solution to a problem or the answer is difficult to find, a Virgo will simply create their own answer with their smartness and sharpness.

4. Gemini Zodiac Sign (May 21 – Jun20)

Gemini’s are fast thinkers and have a unique way of processing information. They always have something up their sleeve that makes them a lot funnier and more efficient. They’re very creative and their amazing verbal skills, allow them to make friends easily.

5. Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Capricorns have a very precise and highly structured way of thinking that helps them in making smart decisions. They’ll look at the big picture and consider all the consequences before they take on a big project. Capricorns also do not give up easily.

6. Pisces Zodiac Sign ( Feb19 – Mar20)

Pisces’s possess super-high levels of intelligence and creativity, but can sometimes get caught up in their own imaginations. They tend to be more emotionally intelligent and have a quality to judge people by their personality.

7. Taurus Zodiac Sign (Apr21- May 21)

This sign can sometimes make really smart decisions or really dumb ones. If a Taurus isn’t feeling too good and is depressed, they can be lazy, staying at home and feeling sorry for themselves. But if they’re feeling their best, then they definitely shine.

8. Leo Zodiac Sign (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Leos try to prove themselves right even when they’re on the wrong path. This sign usually swings back and forth on the spectrum between serious and silly. However, they do take rejection and failure as a teachable moment and try to learn a lot from experience.

9. Libra Zodiac Sign (Sep 23 – Oct 23)

Libras want everything to be perfect and fair all the time. They have a very good quality of judging people and gaining benefits even from the worst situation. They have the power to look at something from all different angles and that expands their minds but they have to be open to everything.

10. Aries Zodiac Sign (Mar21 – Apr19)

Aries can be both smart and not the smartest sometimes. This sign is usually innocent and people like to call them cute. Theydon’t take things too seriously and would rather focus on things they’re interested in. They can care less about everything else around them.

11. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign ( Nov22- Dec 21)

Sagittarians can be really into themselves which isn’t the best when you’re trying to expand the mind. This sign can be very book smart but they lack intelligence when it comes to decision making and taking a stand for themselves.

12. Cancer Zodiac Sign (Jun22- Jul22)

The only reason this sign is number 12 is because of their hypersensitive nature. Their sensitivity makes them lack intelligence, when they need a clear mind to think. They can become over-emotional and will start imagining stupid things without having any actual proof or evidence of anything.