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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How Long It Takes You To Forgive Someone

Does Aries hold grudges?

Aries only holds grudges against those who really upset them, and even then… its not for a long time. They’re easy to make angry but they’ll hold on to a grudge for about a day at most. If an Aries cares about you, then one little argument isn't going to stop them from talking to you forever.

Does Taurus hold grudges?

Taurus will hold a grudge until they die — and even then they might not even forgive you. This is the least forgiving sign and one of the biggest grudge-holders. Thats because they’re incredible stubborn and they hate being wrong.

Does Gemini hold grudges?

Gemini’s don't have the attention span to hold a grudge against anyone, which is actually a good thing. When something bothers them, they’ll hash it out right there and then — they won’t hold on to things when they're upset.

Does Cancer hold grudges?

Cancer’s are one of the more emotional signs, so it's common for them to get caught up in how they’re feeling and let that dictate how they handle arguments. When they decide to hold a grudge, they can do it for years. They don’t enjoy it, but they'll hold a grudge against you out of necessity.

Does Leo hold grudges?

If a Leo can't find a good reason for you to stick around, then they’re gonna get rid of you. They’ll do everything they can and more to keep any kind of negativity out of their life, including holding a grudge. However if they want to, a Leo’s can hold a grudge until they die. It just depends if they want you in their life or not.

Does Virgo hold grudges?

Virgo’s are known for holding grudges for months, but only when they feel like it’s necessary. They’ll try to work it out with you first but if you don't get the hint, they'll give you the cold shoulder. If anyone tries to make them feel bad for the kind of person they are, they won't stand for it and a Virgo will hold a grudge until you apologize sincerely.

Does Libra hold grudges?

Libra’s absolutely hate holding grudges, especially since they’re all about love and happiness. They’ll do whatever they can to make sure that their friendships stay close, no matter how messy the arguments get. So Libra’s aren’t likely to hold a grudge. But if you really, really hurt them — then they will hold a grudge forever and never feel bad about it.

Does Scorpio hold grudges?

Scorpio’s will hold a grudge forever... and then some. They might seem like they're being unreasonable, but in reality, they’re just protecting their heart from anything bad. One of Scorpio's biggest fears in life is to forgive the wrong person and let them hurt them again.

Does Sagittarius hold grudges?

Sagittarius aren’t known for holding grudges for a long time. They wants to chill out and have fun, so unless you intentionally hurt their feelings, they aren’t going to hold anything over your head. Sagittarius will hold a grudge against you for a few days max before they forget what happened.

Does Capricorn hold grudges?

Capricorns try to have their entire life planned out. They never let anyone control them or manipulate them and if you're not a part of their plan, they will ice you. With that being said, Capricorns can hold a grudge forever because they do not forgive and they never forgets.

Does Aquarius hold grudges?

Aquarius is one of those signs who sometimes loves their friends more than they loves themselves. When it comes to holding grudges, they can hold one for a year or so and only when they’re really hurt. In reality, Aquarius hate holding grudges at all, so they try not to.

Does Pisces hold grudges?

Pisces hate getting their feelings hurt, and they will hold on to grudges until they can work things out on their own. If a Pisces is really upset, you can almost guarantee that they don't want an apology or to talk to you — just yet. They usually need a few months at most before coming back to you to make things up.