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Signs You’re Old, According To Millennials

They say you’re only as old as you feel and according to a new survey, Millennials have an extensive list of activities that should make you feel like you’re ancient. If you would like to hold onto your youth here are the top ten things to avoid doing so you’re not judged by the rest of our generation. 

1. Using cash – 28% 

2. Carrying a handkerchief – 28% 

3. Paying bills through the mail – 25% 

4. Having fancy cutlery for special occasions – 24% 

5. Writing lists with pen and paper – 23% 

6. Smoking – 23% 

7. Describing a tune as “banging” – 22% 

8. Calling a cab instead of using an app – 22% 

9. Watching actual TV – 20% 

10. Still being on Facebook – 18% 

As you might expect, much of the rest of the signs you’re old according to Millennials has to do with technology. Or more specifically, how you use technology. For example, if you talk instead of text, 15% of Millennials will think you’re as old as dirt, and if you use a digital camera instead of your phone, 13% of our generation will believe you might as well move into an old folks home