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RICH'S LIFE HACK: Jewelry Cleaning



When it wont’ come off.

"If your ring gets stuck on your finger, Windex will slide it right off.


Clean Jewelry

with dish soap, since other cleaning supplies might scratch it (like hand soap or anything that exfoliates) or chemically react with the metals...Dish soap is intended to clean glass and ceramic without scratching it and silverware without reacting with the metal, etc."


Untangle a knotted chain. If you’ve ever had to untangle a chain, you know it can be time consuming. Instead of wrestling with it, place the knotted chain a bowl and generously sprinkle on some baby powder. Toss to coat the knots and give them a little tug. The knots should be slippery and loosen up more easily. You can also use a straight pin to work them loose. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a lint free cloth. (You can also use baby oil to do the same thing, but it may be more difficult to clean off the jewelry afterward.)