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ARIES (The Daredevil)

Aries love doing crazy and weird things when they have been drinking. They are always willing to go to the extreme and do whatever it takes to win. They are fun and unpredictable and are the friend that should probably be “bodyguarded” to make sure things don’t get too crazy!

TAURUS (The Energizer Bunny)

Taurus brings the life of the party! They are the sign who is always down to dance and have a good time. A Taurus may be seen getting dragged off the dance floor when they are drinking because they aren’t ready for the night to end. 

GEMINI (The One Who Gets Lost)

Gemini’s are always thriving and full of energy. They are the sign who will leave to go get a drink and snacks and end up getting lost for the next hour. Gemini’s disappear and then come back like nothing even happened!

CANCER (The Gourmet Chef)

Cancer’s are the signs who want to cook some insane out of this world meal whenever they have been drinking. They always want to take this task head on and alone and most likely end up accidentally burning themselves. Their drunk quesadillas are delicious though!

LEO (The Philosopher)

Leo’s love to have a good, deep conversation when they have been drinking. They will talk to you about a range of topics that don’t always make sense. Leo’s are smart, and even when they are drunk, they still are persuasive and profound

VIRGO (The Free Petsitter)

Virgo’s are one of the easiest signs to take on when they have been drinking. They usually just want to sit away from everyone in a comfortable space and just pay attention to all of the animals that are there.They are usually the ones taking selfies with all of the dogs, but if there aren’t any pets around… you can probably find them by the snacks!

LIBRA (The Overly- Friendly One)

Libra’s are always trying to make new friends! They are the sign that would show up with one group of friends, and end up leaving with another! Putting a tracking device on a Libra while they are out drinking might not be a bad idea because they will try to leave with a bunch of strangers because they were nice to them!

SCORPIO (The One Who Loses Their Phone Privileges)

Scorpio’s are always the life of the party until the end of the night when they decide they want to text their ex or every other person who has done them dirty! Most of the time though, Scorpios appreciate when their friends DO NOT let them send that text message.

SAGITTARIUS (The Mover and Shaker)

Sagittarius’ are always on the move when they have been drinking! They are the ones who want to go to all of the bars and all of the clubs to see what’s going on. This can result in your night being really fun, or the exact opposite!

CAPRICORN (The Human Golden Retriever)

Capricorns turn into complete lovers and cuddlers when they have been drinking! They can be found enjoying the dance floor, making new friends, and being their unapologetic selves!

AQUARIUS (The Wild Card)

Aquarius’ will surprise you when they have been drinking! They are the ones who will come up with a crazy idea on a whim and actually go through with it! Aquarius’ are water signs so their fluidity will always have you on your toes!

Pisces (The Sleeping Beauty)

Pisces can always be found sleeping when they have been drinking! It doesn’t matter if they have been at the party for 20 minutes or for 2 hours… they will eventually knock out and be fast asleep!