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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: The Best Day in September For You!

Aries Best day: September 14

You could find yourself your other half on that day—or maybe you’ll be re-energized to deepen the connection you have with someone already. Either way, there’s great energy bubbling up surrounding partnerships on Set 14th for you, so don't run away from it.

Taurus Best day: September 10

A deep, emotional kind of love is in the air for you. On that day, you'll be drawn to spend time with a best friend or your significant other. You'll want to make sure that whatever time you spend, isn’t just fun, but has meaning to it too. Do something that lets you dive below the surface.

Gemini Best day: September 20

On that day, you could gain clarity about how to bring more love and light into your life. If you're thinking about traveling, you could feel inspired to embrace new art and performances. Try checking out some different things out there.

Cancer Best day: September 6

You might have the urge to reconnect with a sibling or co-worker, on that day. Also, you might want to explore something new. So the best thing you can do is go to a local bookstore for new reads or take a class you wouldn’t normally pick.

Leo Best day: September 29

Mercury might be in retrograde by this date, but at the same time, there's a more powerful force that’s going to help you level up your relationships with your siblings or neighbors. Pick up the phone, send flowers, or leave home-baked goods at their doorstep.

Virgo Best day: September 7

You'll be destined to try new things on that day, even with your appearance. You could be inspired to buy that new outfit you've been looking at for a while or even get real tattoo that shows the world who you truly are.

Libra Best day: September 22

The start of Libra season will be the best time for you, so it makes sense that the best day in September is the last day of Virgo season. To embrace that feeling to the fullest, you should organize lunch dates and gatherings with your friends.

Scorpio Best day: September 10

This day will bring you high-pleasures and high-beauty energy. Even if you haven't changed anything lately about your appearance, people will notice you more on that today and gravitate towards you. So tap into this by grabbing friends for a night out or serving up confidence on a first date.

Sagittarius Best day: September 6

You’ll be feeling a lot of love and confidence on that day. You might want to gather friends and rally around a cause you deeply believe in. You’ll definitely have the energy to get that started.

Capricorn Best day: September 4

Money will be on your mind that day. You might receive an opportunity to do more of what you love for more money. What you can do is talk to friends because that could help you uncover just what that opportunity might be.

Aquarius Best day: September 4

Don't be surprised if this day has you thinking about your life in a different way. Consider it a time to learn something new: Go to a museum, watch a travel show, pick up a book on philosophy, or dive into anything new, in order to embrace your open mindset on Sep. 4th.

Pisces Best day: September 20

A realization or revelation is in the stars for you, on that day. It has something to do with what did or didn't work in a previous relationship. It’s a good idea to spend that entire day with someone important to you.