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Aries love to make their adrenaline high and taking risks and chances are something they look for when they go on vacation. Aries should test their limits and go somewhere that will challenge their senses and make them feel alive! 


A Taurus loves to sit back and relax in luxury during their vacation. They indulge in whatever culture they are experiencing and their idea of the perfect vacation is taking time to stop and smell the roses. Taurus should take a trip to the beach or somewhere they are surrounded by nature! 


Gemini love to stimulate their sensors so they need to spend their time on vacation doing things with people that keep them active and give them a thrill. A Gemini can get bored very easily so they need to make sure they keep on exploring while traveling! 


Aquarius are free-roamers at heart so they tend to be curious while being on vacation. Aquarius like being close to nature and exploring while traveling because they often feel a deep connection to the environment they are surrounded by. 


Pisces are always on the hunt for their spiritual calm. A Pisces should travel somewhere where they can reset their mind and body with a spa or a lake nearby to focus on their inner reflection. 


Leos love to party even when they are traveling. A leo should travel somewhere they can mingle and see how the other half live. Traveling for a leo is all about having a good time! 


When Virgo takes a trip away they like to chill and seclude themselves from the rest of the world. They don’t want to over-schedule themselves or do anything too draining. They like their vacations comfortable, relaxing and in places full of beauty.


Libra likes to follow their curiosity while traveling so you can often find them wandering the streets of a beautiful city. A libra will mingle with locals, learn new history, and discover hidden gems while on vacation. 


Cancer is all about making memories while traveling. They love to make memories with friends and family so taking a trip to a cabin on the lake would be perfect place to travel as a cancer! 


Scorpios love to be moved emotionally so traveling to a place with significant history would be ideal for them. Scorpios will indulge in all aspects of the places they are vacationing so be ready to be on the move. 


Sagittarians enjoy the freedom of roaming wild without any rules or restrictions. They’re big on adventure and don’t really mind where they are traveling as long as it's somewhere they can explore! 


Capricorn plans their holiday months even years in advance so they are prepared for their perfect vacation. The ideal place to travel for a capricorn has to have an equal amount of resting as well as going on a fun adventure.