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Aries has never seen a conflict they weren’t willing to take head on. An Aries will go up against anyone, anytime, and anywhere. They get instant gratification so they would rather confront an issue immediately rather than letting it drag on. Aries will face their problems as they come to them so they can shake it off and move on! 


Taurus hate coming to terms with their problems especially if they have to apologize. Taurus are very stubborn and would rather pretend nothing happened instead of addressing the issue.


Gemini’s are very indecisive and that indecisiveness can get in the way when it comes to conflict. They would rather continue to push back the problem and deal with it later instead of coming to terms with how something is making them feel. They would rather just act like nothing happened.


Aquarius will run far, far away when it comes to conflict. They would rather do their own thing instead of being stuck around people with bad vibes. An Aquarius isn’t up for anything that will ruin their good time so they have no problem riding solo than going back and forth with someone else.


Pisces are very emotional so they will spend a lot of time and energy thinking about a conflict before actually addressing it. They will let things sink in and consider all the options before addressing an issue. Pisces aren’t the people who are quick to jump into an argument, so if they come to you with an issue, know that it’s the real deal


Leo has no problem handling not only their conflicts but also the conflicts of others. If there is a problem, Leo knows how to solve it and they will definitely let you know about it. Leo has no problem airing out everyone's business or going back and forth with someone on social media.


Virgo is the most practical sign. They wont go into any conflict without weighing out the pros and the cons. When a Virgo finally addresses conflict, it will definitely be well thought out and hard to argue against.


Libra is a peacemaker by nature and absolutely hates to see anyone in conflict. If Libra is faced with conflict, they may turn to find a compromise versus dealing with the discomfort. A Libra wants conflict to be handled as quickly as possible without hurting anyones feelings.  


Cancers will run their conflict by their close group of friends before considering taking it head on. A cancer really values the opinions of their friends so they talk it out with them before making any other moves. 


Scorpios prefer to handle conflicts on their own and will do a lot of work behind closed doors before ever going public with an issue. Scorpios tend to be those friends who seem totally calm on the surface but are actually in desperate need of help and support underneath their thick layer of armor.


Sagittarius would much rather push a problem to the back of their mind than deal with it. Sagittarius hates serious situations and starts getting and uncomfortable in any conversation that doesn’t end in a laugh. They tend to think if they ignore a problem long enough it will just go away on its own so we can all get back to normal life


When faced with a conflict, the first thing any Capricorn will do is turn to family. Capricorn are the ones most likely to call Mom in a panic when things go wrong. They value the opinions and advice of those who came before them and would never want to head into battle without hearing what Mom, Dad, Grandma think first.