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SAGITTARIUS (1)- Sagittarius are the most likely to make you feel some type of way about them and then leave you in the dust. They want their freedom and don’t really care whose feelings get hurt in the process. They can easily forget about people and they will definitely tell you what you want to hear just to get something out of it.

GEMINI (2)-Geminis are extremely indecisive so this is a reason they may have some commitment issues. They would rather keep their options open so if they have to ghost someone- they will do it with ease because Geminis are great at avoiding their problems.

AQUARIUS (3)- Aquarius does not want to be bothered with all of the extra things that come with commitment. They avoid emotional expression at all costs if they can. An Aquarius will ghost you but they will probably be nice about it. 

LEO (4)-Leo's main priority is themselves so they will do anything to avoid giving another person all of their attention. If a person expresses how they feel about a Leo they might run for the hills unless they are really into them.  

VIRGO (5)-Virgos get turned away by too much commitment. They are cautious and guarded and hate when someone threatens their own personal space. They would prefer to keep you at an arm's length. They would prefer to keep focused on their own lives and what they need to get done for themselves. 

LIBRA(6)- Libras are the life of the party and love nothing more than a good time. They will ghost you if you try and turn something fun into something serious and when that happens, a Libra is out of there. They want to have a good time all the time and will do what it takes to keep their life that way. 

ARIES (7)- Aries always need change and something new so they will ghost you if they begin to get bored. . But because of Aries honesty, they will more than likely let you know about it. They will leave if they feel the need but they will not keep you in the dark about it. They feel that as long as they are always honest, they are being true to themselves. 

SCORPIO (8)- Scorpios become attached pretty fast so if someone really peaks their interest it is a done deal. They are protective of people they care about so even if a relationship does not pan out they will not just leave you in the cold. A scorpio isn’t quick to throw a connection away so they will probably try and form a relationship out of it. 

CAPRICORN (9)- Capricorns are never ones to just throw away something if it means something. Even if they are not planning on committing fully they will still be considerate of others feelings. Capricorns have a strong sense of family and connections. That drives them to be as loving and caring to others as they can be.  

TAURUS (10)- Taurus are not ones to leave people behind because they are down to earth and reasonable. That makes them take others' feelings into account. They also become attached to others easily. With the morals of a Taurus they will never be ones to just leave someone out of the blue 

CANCER (11)- Cancers are driven by their emotional connections with people. No matter how big or small they are, they treat each of those relationships with love. They are very aware of their own emotions so they are in touch with them. This helps them be sympathetic and empathetic to others. They would never just leave or cut you out after having even the smallest connection. 

PISCES (12)- Pisces are the least likely to ghost you. Being so selfless, Pisces are always thinking of others. They want to be as considerate as they can. They are expressive and will let you know all they are thinking because they want their relationships to be deep.