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You will feel a new energy at work so make sure that you stay focused and work hard. October 6th will be the best day for an Aries this Fall. In the days before and after the 6th, you'll feel confident with work meetings and people in general. It's a great time to go big and ask for everything you've wanted. Your career will kick into high gear this season. Do not be distracted by the few doubters and haters.   


Your fall will be full of new chances but you also might end up reconnecting with some things from your past. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but definitely play your cards right. Spend some time thinking about unresolved issues that still bother you, but after you give it some thought…. Let it go. October 20th will be the best day for you this Fall. Let yourself feel all of your emotions and everything else this season 


Your very close relationships will test you this fall whether it is a romantic relationship or not. They will require some patience that you've been looking for and haven't been able to find. Don't be too hard on yourself and Remember that your individuality is one of your greatest strengths and something people deeply admire about you. Allow yourself to be playful and try not to overthink and criticize yourself. As the days get shorter you'll feel a need to be a bit more reclusive and introspective. Remember that some answers take a long time to arrive.


Everything about this time of year can feel overwhelming, but especially right now, you are feeling quite overtaken with the fall season. Take some time now to focus on yourself and what your goals are for the future. Try not to get lost in others' expectations of you and even your own expectations of yourself. Instead, think of what you really want out of life and who and what you want in it. 


Enjoy this time not just for your relationship if you are in one but also as a creative outlet. You will feel more inspired to live daily life fully while you are filled with this romantic energy. During the fall, take some time to remember and appreciate these feelings, so that you can revisit them again and again. Also, be careful not to neglect your friends. They want to celebrate you and everything you are. They love you greatly and you will always need that


For a Libra- This fall will ease some of your tensions you might be having. It will bring in a clarity that you are already doing the things that will make you grow and be happy. You might even feel calmer and a sense of peace as you celebrate the seasons changing. To celebrate this time even more, look at some old pictures of yourself, friends, and family and then Think about how far you've come. You are strong and so are your intuitive powers. You will always know what's best for you.


 A Leo may have been feeling uninspired and You may have even doubted why you're continuing to go deeper into certain projects. Clarity is coming your way although the doubt certainly has changed you. It has taught you something about endurance. That you're much more resilient than even you thought you were. Let yourself soak in this new confidence this fall.


This fall is your time to shine and to let the world see everything you have been working for. You will feel proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished and these positive feelings will likely fuel more achievements in the future. Be on the lookout for a new friend who can help move your career forward because Once you meet them, you will sense that things are truly clicking into place and that you are on the right track. To celebrate the fall and this productive time of your life, take a lot of pictures and look back at them when you’re feeling down in the dumps. 


This fall , With everything going on in the world, you will be feeling like you are picking up on all of the spiritual cues around you. And with the seasons changing, you will feel as if it's your time to change, too. This could mean a move, a new relationship or a shift in your priorities. Whatever you do , don't look back into the past. Feel yourself become in tune with the future and all of the good things it will bring. To celebrate the fall, bring out all of your special candles and other magical tools and focus on all the greatness that is coming to you.


This fall, the universe is going to test you but you are strong so you will power through. You've certainly learned from your mistakes so Do not consider going backward. You may feel lonely, even with friends but This doesn't mean you have to fold. Remember that everything takes time.


This fall, Whether you feel in a good or not-so-good place at this moment, it is still something you can control. The idea of fate can be a beautiful and comforting thing, but don't let it overtake your ability to have great love in the future. To celebrate the fall, cook up a family recipe and get some comfort. 


Many close friends will need your nurturing self this fall. You know this role of caretaker well and you mostly enjoy it. Remember to take care of your own peace of mind and well-being. Although Cancers are a sign that gets their energy mainly from others, notice how much better you move through the world when you take some time for yourself.