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Aries, this Mercury Retrograde you will find yourself at the center of attention in a way you wish you weren’t. Be cautious about contributing to the conversation as well. Remember that you hold a lot of power within your communication. You have the ability to influence and call attention to things that need to be focused on. Use your persuasion wisely, not just for acts of convenience.


Taurus, your anxieties are skyrocketing during this retrograde. This will be a time that you feel uneasy and will be second-guessing many things in your life. You may be critical of yourself for things at the moment. However, you may find that the reason you are so on edge is for the issues you are actively avoiding. While you invest your energy into dull moments that truly will not influence your life, you should be pouring your interest into tackling the bigger problems you push off out of fear. Call your attention to this and watch your nervousness dissipate more and more.


Gemini, you must think in terms outside of the moment if you wish to survive fully intact this retrograde. You cannot act on a whim. You need to be saving as much as possible at this moment for what’s to come ahead. Spending money freely on things that don’t truly grant you happiness will be your downfall. You may be seeking to start a new relationship during this time but this is not the best time to start a new commitment. This is because you haven’t prioritized both what you need in a partner and what you are able to give to your partner.Be aware that people may be paying harsh criticism of you during this time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but know that yours is the most important. You are a growing thing, and there has never been any shame on change.


Aquarius, you are finding during this Mercury Retrograde that the more you procrastinate, the more you harm yourself and the future that is waiting for you. In this Retrograde you may find that you are actively punishing yourself for things you are not capable of accomplishing as soon as you would like. It is still better to try to make these goals a reality than to stay in the what-ifs in your mind. The only thing that is capable of consuming you more of not achieving a goal is by not doing anything at all. It is better to try than to not take action.


Pisces, your mind is full of hopes for love. However, this is one of the worst times to start a relationship with someone, especially if you’re just trying to fill the void in your heart. During this retrograde, you may find the greatest chance of success when you focus on filling your cup outside of external validation. There isn’t anyone in this world who knows you better than you know yourself. Your frustrations with others won’t be so consuming if you focus on yourself first.


Libra, it is important that you take the time to figure out exactly what you’re wishing to say to others. Under this Mercury Retrograde, your difficulties around decision-making will feel as though they are sucking the life out of you.You must take a moment, for yourself and for your energy. People may be putting increasing pressure on you to speak and act. However, you owe it to yourself to make sure that what you’re doing is well thought out. It is also important to prioritize doing what makes you feel comfortable; you should not have to make commitments that you don’t feel comfortable making.Your indecisiveness will be intensive during this time, but you do not have to fear this. Use this Mercury Retrograde to draw your boundaries and to make space for yourself. Don’t shove yourself into a situation you haven’t first thought through


Leo, be aware that your emotions will be all over the place during this Mercury Retrograde. Your moods can shift in a matter of a moment, sweeping you off your feet and sparking an intense rage all within a day.You may find that your affections for others feel brief. This is a time to be as aware as you can be of your social battery so you don’t leave yourself feeling drained and unable to function, or leaving people with half-hearted interest. Do not fear retreating to the comforts of your own mind, hopes, dreams. This will help you remain positive. 


Sagittarius, it is imperative that during Mercury Retrograde you are knowing your intentions in everything you step foot in. This is a time to focus on your past, to unpack the negative impact you may have put onto others for your own gain. At this time you may find that you are extraordinarily sensitive or feeling prone to personal attack. Things may feel as though they are intended to hurt you specifically. You may find that you want to change everything about your identity, space, and world. However, don’t feel a rush to transform every aspect of your world in a matter of a few weeks. 


Scorpio, during this Mercury Retrograde, you do need to tackle things one at a time. You cannot scatter your forces during this time. Feeding into these side quests will keep you that much further from your dreams.You may find that during this Mercury Retrograde you are reaching for conversation. However, as you come out of your shell, be aware that conversations require more than one person to talk to. Your forces are extremely scattered during this time. The best way to navigate through this time is by prioritizing what is important to you, not just to others, and keeping your focus where your interests lie.


Virgo, your communication style during Mercury Retrograde may feel strong at the moment, however, you are not coming off as intelligent as you are trying to show (or as you truly are).You are not always right so Trying to bend the will of others during this time will not change that fact. You may find that during this retrograde you are talking over others, without allowing them the room to get what they need to say or express.You are blunt, and while people deserve the truth, some situations require a little more care than you can deliver. 


Capricorn, during this Mercury Retrograde you may find it easier to slip into a lie to persuade people to listen to you. You are extremely influential, as you have found yourself to be a leader amongst the people you surround yourself with.Your truths will be exposed.You may have had great intentions, especially if you have been telling delicate fabrications of the truth to protect someone’s feelings. You do these actions out of how much you care and how little you want to hurt others. However, you may find that in these lies you have created even bigger damages.You may feel this is personal.. You may be blunt but your intentions are always well known. Do not fear the direct approach. If you are straightforward people will understand you much more than elaborate schemes to protect them that only leave you both heartbroken.


Cancer, you cannot control every situation, and this Mercury Retrograde you are being taught a hard lesson. You may believe you are just looking to gain some structure in your life, but truly you are dominating over others around you.This may be coming from some unresolved baggage you have surrounding others making decisions (or judgment) on you. You can set boundaries with people who are pushing you too far; treating them with the same behavior is only creating a cesspool of toxicity that you will both drown in. Don’t be afraid to add people to your block list if they are not understanding your firm boundaries. You can always effectively communicate, later on, post retrograde. However, do not bother with them or engage during this time