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ARIES: Explodes With Anger, But Overcomes It Easily

Aries tend to be masters at expressing their anger. Aries individuals express their anger quickly and assertively. They aren’t ones to hold a grudge, but they do tend to explode with passion when they are upset. 

TAURUS: Slow, Boiling Rage

Taurus tend to be very slow to anger. They often take a bit of a passive-aggressive approach at first, but once they do get to the point of anger, it can get a little scary. Taurus it hard for them to let things go once they’re fed up. 

GEMINI: Sarcastically Argues Until You Forget Their Original Point

When a Gemini is angry, they tend to express it in a playful, lighthearted manner, despite the fact that they may be serious. Since they’re extremely witty, expect a lot of talking with their hands, and a possible sharp tongue if they’re really upset. 

AQUARIUS: Tends To Have A Detached Approach To Anger

Aquarians aren’t ones to yell and scream, but they do tend to chat your ear off with why they feel like you were wrong in that moment. when arguing, they can come off a bit like they’re scolding you, but overall they just want to share their opinion about a situation and move on. 

PISCES: They Simply Don’t Stay Upset For Long

Pisces anger tends to melt away almost as soon as it begins. Since they’re so sensitive, they tend to play the victim in arguments, instead of acknowledging their own wrongdoing and taking accountability. This is where their Jupiter-ruled nature can come in, feeling as though they can do no wrong, even though in reality we all do. They also tend to be in denial about feeling angry, 

LIBRA: The Most Passive-Aggressive Of Them All

Libra is the least confrontational sign of the zodiac, so they will legitimately do everything in their power to keep the peace. Libras have to learn how to confront their anger head on, instead of running from it. 

LEO: Pride Can Easily Get The Best Of Them

Leo tends to stay stuck to their frustrations long after the argument is over. Leo, they tend to take the high road as much as they can, because arguing isn’t cute, and they have better things to be doing.

SAGITTARIUS: Their God Complex Can Sometimes Work Against Them

Sagittarius individuals are all about knowledge, and when they’re angry, they tend to get a bit “preachy.” They love to drop wisdom, but they’re not ones to get traditionally angry; they would rather share their views and beliefs with you instead. They like to get their point across and move on to something else.

SCORPIO: Quietly Seethes Until They Combust

Scorpio feels things very deeply, so anger is a very intense emotion for them. They tend to take a quiet approach to dealing with their anger until someone sets them off, that is. Scorpio tend to suppress their anger until they simply can’t contain it anymore. 

VIRGO: Will Correct You Until You Simply Give Up

Virgo is a sign all about facts, so if you’re arguing with them, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row or they’ll make you feel less than smart.. They love to be right, and an argument gives them the chance to shine. they don’t stay mad for long, but don’t expect them to take it easy on you. 

CAPRICORN: ​​If It Doesn’t Make Sense, They Won’t Engage

Capricorns will make you feel silly for getting so upset. They may snap at you for something they find immature or silly, but they tend to keep it pushing. 

CANCER: Passive-Aggressive Emotional Outbursts

Cancers aren’t the best at expressing their anger, and tend to take a passive-aggressive approach. They can easily get defensive when they feel attacked, and have difficulty communicating their feelings in a calm manner when something’s upsetting them.