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Aries is like a volcano: they’re capable of exploding at any given moment. Aries is unpredictable… and when they lose it their temper can be rather explosive so think twice before you mess with them!


Taurus is like an earthquake: they rarely erupt but when they do boy can they do some damage. The Taurus generally tries to avoid chaos if they can help it but if they are backed into a corner and forced to retaliate then you better believe that they will erupt with great might similar to that of an earthquake.


Gemini is like a sandstorm: they’re restless and hard to pin down. And just like a sandstorm they do everything at 100 miles/hour!


Aquarius is like an asteroid: they’re basically from another planet. The Aquarius is a rare and unique personality that’s both intriguing but also dangerous if you get in their way. 


Pisces is like a flood: deep and sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes the Pisces can just get so overwhelmed by life that they feel like they are flooded by their emotions making them very much suited to the the intensity of an outright FLOOD!


Libra is like a monsoon: they’re quick and unpredictable. The Libra is a fast thinker who also has an unpredictable streak that makes it hard for people to ever be 100% sure about what they might do next. 


Leo is like wild-fire: once they get going they’re extremely hard to stop. Fast spreading and difficult to stop the Leo would have to be wild-fire that’s capable of spreading before you’ve even realized what’s happening. 


Sagittarius is like a tornado: powerful and full of energy. Due to their short-lived but powerful bursts of energy the Sagittarius would be a tornado. When they get going they’re a marvel to watch from a safe distance but don’t get in their way or they can be dangerous.


Scorpio is like a thunderstorm: dark, mysterious and destructive. The Scorpio personality has a dark and mysterious quality and those born under this sign have an extremely powerful energy and aura about them that is uncannily similar to that of a thunderstorm!


Virgo is like an avalanche: they’re practically unstoppable. The Virgo has the strength and willpower of an unstoppable avalanche which allows them to take many hits in life without getting discouraged. They just keep on going until they ultimately achieve victory in whatever it is that they set their mind too.


Capricorn is like a blizzard: when they’re angry they can be oh-so cold. The Capricorn is an all-around good person but should you somehow get on their bad side they can become brutally cold and know exactly how to dish it out. And for this reason there would have to be a blizzard.


Cancer is like a tidal wave: they can be sudden and overwhelming. Cancer can be overcome with sudden bouts of strong emotion that break out with the strength of a tidal wave. They try to keep their cool but when they are pushed past their limits they can become dangerous.