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12. GEMINI- Gemini runs very hot and cold, which means that they might be all over you one moment, and done with you the next. And once their feelings have faded for you, they’re usually gone for good. Gemini is more interested in casual, fleeting crushes than long-term relationships, so expect them to always have a sort of detachment from what you have together. 

11. AQUARIUS- Aquarius is kind of robot-like when it comes to relationships. You’re never really sure if there are any deeper emotions under the surface, and the minute you think things are going well, Aquarius ends them.Aquarius gets bored easily in relationships and ends things out of nowhere. This sign needs to have a strong emotional connection to someone for them to want to stay in a relationship long-term. 

10. SAGITTARIUS- Sagittarius can get down with someone seriously, but that doesn’t change the fact that they will still end things if (and when) they get bored.They need that excited feeling you get in your gut when you’re with someone all the time. Once that feeling goes away, so do they. Sagittarius gets bored in relationships easily because they highly value their freedom and independence

9. LIBRA- Libra loves to fall in love, and will fall in love an average of five times a week. They have a hard time committing, while they enjoy all of the wonderful things that come with dating. If Libra's not being wooed and swept off their feet every day, they're bound to get bored. They're also very independent partners, which means they don’t want to feel constricted

8. ARIES- Aries loves hard, but when you don’t give them exactly what they want, when they want it, they're going to get bored with the relationship. Their boredom comes from their impatience with relationships. Aries doesn’t like any relationship that's drawn out or moving slow. In other words, if this isn’t a whirlwind romance from the beginning, it’s doomed to fail. 

7. VIRGO- Virgo is not a clingy person. If you want to know if things are going well with them, you have to pay attention to their actions. They're a “show me, don’t tell me” kind of lover, so you can expect them to be attentive and sensual when things are going well. If things are tanking and they're getting bored, you’ll only know after the fact. 

6. CAPRICORN- Capricorn knows that you can’t reveal every single facet of yourself to someone new at first glance, which means you need to have patience before you can give up on someone. They don’t get bored easily because they know a new relationship is a learning process that requires work. Once Capricorn gets comfortable in the relationship, they're smitten. 

5. PISCES- Pisces is sort of difficult to understand when it comes to attachment. When Pisces finds someone they really like, cue the romantic music, because they want to feel this way forever! So much so that they can become a clingy, codependent person who can’t function without their lover.This affection for their partner is even stronger when they reciprocate the feelings. 

4. LEO- Leo loves being in a relationship, especially since it means they get to spend all of their time with someone they genuinely love and care about. That said, their relationship needs to feed Leo's fiery, passionate soul for them to be invested in it completely. Leo doesn’t get bored easily, but they need to know that you’re constantly dedicated to this partnership, just like them. 

3. TAURUS- Taurus is one of those signs that gets attached to someone without even realizing it at first. They're a firm believer in the slow and steady crawl to true love. So no matter how your relationship turns out, they're always willing to put in their best effort for you. Taurus wants to woo you, sweep you off your feet, and prove to you why they're such a good fit for you. 

2. CANCER- Cancer is always looking for their forever person, even if they don't realize it. Of course, while they get attached to people quickly, Cancer doesn't fall in love very fast. It can be hard for them to risk it all for one person at first. Once Cancer is with you, though, they want to be with you forever. The Crab is the kind of person who can't see a future without the person they love, so when faced with heartbreak, it can take them months or years to get over that person. 

1. SCORPIO- True love doesn't always come easy to Scorpio, but not for a lack of trying on their part. Scorpio might have to kiss a lot of frogs, but they would rather try harder than all the other zodiac signs than not try at all. While Scorpio's mysterious nature might make it hard for them to open up, they feel that it's necessary to attach themselves quickly to everyone. Because Scorpio gets attached too quickly, it's easy for them to get their heart broken over someone who wasn't even worth it.