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For Aries, the Mercury Retrograde may have been emotionally exhausting. It may have taken some toll on your relationships and bonds, which is why the end of the cycle is very liberating for you. Everything will go back to normal and over time, you will feel free from all the emotional pressure and restraints.


Taureans will be more at ease with themselves. You'll be more concerned about your health and indulge in self-care activities. The past month may have been very busy for you, a bit taxing on the work front. Given that Mercury is now direct again, you'll find your way back to physical and mental calm and serenity. In addition, it's time you start planning ways to get your finances right and make crucial investments.


When it comes to Gemini, Mercury is your ruling planet. Therefore, during a Mercury Retrograde, you may have faced some challenges in your life, especially relationships. With the retrogression over, you are likely to go back to your lively self. You will be more creative, more expressive and romance is on the cards.


With the completion of Mercury Retrograde, Cancerians are likely to follow their instincts again. They'll feel more uplifted, strong and secure. Self care will be crucial during this time and you're likely to rectify all the errors you may have made during the retrogression into Libra.


The Mercury Retrograde may have disrupted the communications in Leo. Chances are that people belonging to this zodiac sign may have felt a bit lost and out of their element. However, with the end of the retrograde, everything is set to go back on track for Leos. Whether in terms of finances, health or relationship, Leos are all set to reign again.


Those born under this zodiac sign may have been financially impacted by this Mercury Retrograde. But now that the crisis is over and Mercury is yet again direct, your finances and business are set to prosper. You'll be more relaxed and more expressive in your relationships. Mental calm and serenity are on the cards.


The end of Mercury Retrograde brings back your sense of stability and security. While you may not have felt like yourself or may have struggled with your identity and 'self, now is the time to make things right. Take your chances, make a difference again.


Scorpions may have felt emotionally drained the past few weeks. You have probably been thinking a lot and revisiting negative emotions. However, now is the time to take a break. Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy and content. Take care of your health and fitness and steer clear of negativity.


The impact of Mercury Retrograde may have reflected on your relationship with your friends and business partner. Your ability to make a good team may have suffered, hence taking a toll on your work. But now is the time to make some amends. Bring back the good times, say you're sorry and change your ways. Only this way will you be able to reach and accomplish your goals.


Capricorns are very dedicated people, especially when it comes to their profession. This Mercury Retrograde, you may have felt the pressure of keeping up with your work. However, with the retrogression over, you can think of ways to expand your business and touch the heights of success. Take your risks and hope for the best. Do what you have always been great at.


The Mercury Retrograde sure took a massive toll on your spirit and your soul. Your plans, routine and creativity may have taken a back seat during this time. However, now is the time to make things right. Since the crisis-situation is over, you can make new plans, execute them and do what your heart tells you to.


Your emotions and purity, which are your greatest strengths may have been grievously affected during the Mercury Retrograde. Now that it's over, make sure your mend broken bond, enhance communication with your partner and steer clear of any bitter feelings. Do not tread the path to negativity and let it not ruin your mental and physical well-being.