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Chucky is a bit hot-tempered. Well, more than a bit. Chucky was a notorious serial killer even before the events of his first movie. He had killed a number of people and, while on the run from the cops, used a ritual to attach his soul to the body of a Good Guy doll. After possessing the doll, Chucky was purchased for a little boy who he constantly tried to possess in order to regain a human form. Like a typical Aries, Chucky was incredibly determined to reach his goal, which is why there remains to be so many sequels of the killer doll


Jason Voorhees, the second killer in the Friday the 13th franchise, is a total momma's boy. After his mother goes on a murderous rampage at Camp Crystal Lake after the counselors left her son unattended while he drowned, as any mother would, Jason came back to enact revenge. He was devoted to his cause and always heard his mother's voice telling him to kill. Taurus individuals have a deep need to be loved, and after that was taken from Jason, he always makes his way back to get his revenge.


Jack, like a Gemini, has two sides to him. His fatherly, good-husband, ex-alcoholic side, and his raging possessed psychopath side. Jack Torrence, is both the main protagonist and antagonist of The Shinning. He is corrupted by the spirits of the Overlook Hotel and the evil energy that permeates through it. At the beginning of the film, Jack seems totally normal. He had a history of being a violent alcoholic but that is all completely behind him. He is gentle with Danny and definitely loves his family. But then, there is a change


Leatherface, or Bubba, is a total family man. He loves his siblings and parents more than anything else in the world. Based slightly on real-world killer, Ed Gein, Leatherface has an affinity for making household items, masks, and aprons out of human skin in order to feel "closer" to being normal. Throughout the multiple Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, and like the Cancer he is, Leatherface is surprisingly the most sympathetic of the Sawyer family. Before he is ordered to butcher the newcomers, Bubba always tries to be nice to them, in a very twisted way. In the original film, his family abused him just as much as they did their victims and then had him kill them.


Pennywise is the perfect Leo. Whether it is Tim Curry's iconic rendition or Bill Skarsgård's most recent take on the Dancing Clown, Pennywise is extremely boastful and proud of himself. He assumes that because he is chasing children he has it pretty easy. But then he realizes pretty quick not to underestimate his prey. Pennywise is also extremely creative like a Leo. He skillfully uses people's fears against them and, if the situation calls for it, tries to lure them into a sewer.


Michael Myers, the notorious killer from the Halloween franchise, is most definitely a Virgo. Like his star sign, he is a little on the quiet side and rarely likes to show any of his emotions to others. He is extremely loyal to Laurie as she pretty much remains as his target throughout the four, almost five, decades the films have been going on. Contrary to what his violent rampages may imply, Michael is always analytical and methodical. He seems to always know exactly where his victims are going and arrive just when he needs to. He also waited fifteen years to strike Haddonfield again.


While Hannibal Lecter is arguably just as bad as everyone else on this list, he is also a psychiatrist, which probably makes him even worse. He seems to be a sociopath who has a taste for humans and, with his profound intelligence, would manipulate new victims to fall into his trap. Hannibal Lecter, however, acts somewhat as an antihero throughout his novels and films. He is a killer, and cannibal, yes, but he also helps the good guys more often than not.


Freddy is one of those killers who totally does things based on his emotions. In the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and its 2010 remake, Freddy's favorite girl was Nancy. Freddy had an obsession with her and always wanted to save the best for last. Scorpios are known for being a little possessive and act on emotions rather than thought, just like Freddy. Scorpios also have a need to be aware of the situation their in which Freddy does by controlling the dream world he drags his victims to.


Ghost Face is unlike the other killers on this list. In a way, he is almost comical and is totally animated, which makes him the perfect Sagittarius. He likes games and only talks to people over the phone but never in person. He is idealistic and dreams of becoming the best killer; a killer that gets away with the perfect plan. Ghost Face has had many different people under the mask, but always kept the same tempo and personality. Like Sagittarius, Ghost Face will do anything to achieve his goals.


Pinhead isn't really the ultimate villain in the first Hellraiser film, but due to his appearance, he has left a lasting effect on viewers everywhere. Pinhead is an excellent Capricorn. Capricorns are responsible, but also cold, distant, and unforgiving which is the exact personality that Pinhead portrayed in the first film. Pinhead reaps from his mistakes and learns from them as the franchise continues


Jigsaw is incredibly original, not only in thought process and method, but each torture trap is uniquely devised for the victim and their "sins." In fact, Jigsaw is so unique, that it becomes easy to tell when there is a copycat killer in the later films. This trait makes him the perfect Aquarius. Aquarius thrives on individuality and being unique. They're problem solves, which is technically what Jigsaw's entire goal is. He aims to make people realize how important life and their blessing are.


Samara is the spirit in The Ringfilms and is definitely a Pisces. She waits seven days to kill her victims, giving them enough time to share the video (and curse) with their "friends." Samara wants her victims to feel the way she did, and because she is so in touch with her emotions, she feels them on a pretty deep level. Pisces is also a water sign, which also fits Samara wonderfully.