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Aries, your biggest fear is failing at your passions. For you, the idea of not succeeding at what you love is unthinkable and almost unbearable, too. Keep a level head and focus on the present moment—you tend to freak out over nothing.


Because of your pleasure-seeking nature, Taurus, your biggest fear is scarcity. When money gets tight, you freak out. Practice an abundant mindset and use the following affirmation: “Money flows freely in my life.”


You, Gemini, are terrified of being misunderstood. Communication is essential to the way you move around in the world, so the idea of your feelings being misunderstood is scary AF. Always be intentional with your words and express your desires clearly.


Cancers are freaked out by the thought of displacement. Since a safe, stable home base is everything to you, your biggest fear is losing it. Use embodiment practices like yoga and dance to develop a home base within yourself and focus less on physical space.


Because of your extroverted, attention-seeing nature, Leo, your biggest fear is being forgotten by your loved ones. It’s unlikely (because of your huge personality), but the thought keeps you up at night nonetheless. Remember that the right people will stick around—don’t cling too hard.


Virgo, you place so much value on your work ethic that your biggest fear is letting your skills go under-utilized. If you feel like your potential isn’t met and you aren’t given opportunities to thrive, you lose your shit. Remember that you’re doing your best—and that’s always enough.


Although you might not expect it because of your airy, cerebral nature, Libras are scared of emotional neglect. You flighty folk have so much air-sign energy that you desperately need caring people to ground you—lean on your Earth and sign friends for balance.


Scorpio, even though you’re a spiritual water sign, your biggest fear is a bit more, ahem, vapid—you’re terrified of being unattractive. You love love, and you love sex, and when you feel less-than-gorgeous, it hits the deepest part of your soul. Love thyself, beauty!


“Wanderlust” is your soul word, Sagittarius—you love to travel, see the world and participate in cultural exchanges, so your biggest fear is leading a boring life. Keep being you and life will be a blast, whether you’re hiking the Himalayas or chilling in your hometown. 


You Capricorns, much like your Virgo earth-sign siblings, place your importance on your work ethic. Because of your signature workaholism, however, you’re desperately scared of burning out. Pace yourself and don’t get caught up in the 9-to-5 madness. 


Aquarians are, in my opinion, the least fearful sign in the zodiac. However, they do have one big fear that controls their life—they’re horrified by bad company. They can’t stand boring people! Sometimes you just need to let go of anyone who doesn’t feed your soul.


Pisces, your life revolves around understanding the spiritual workings of the universe. Your identity is so wrapped up in empathy and intuition that you deeply fear losing your spirituality. Surround yourself with like-minded people and invite them into your circle to vibe.