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November brings so much fun and joys your way, Aries, but your anxiety levels may also be heightened. Make plenty of time for self-care and wellness rituals. When party-hungry Sagittarius season starts, you'll receive lots of social invites. This leads you to weed out the half-hearted friends from your ride-or-dies. Follow your gut and only give plus ones to those who deserve it.


There's a full moon and a lunar eclipse in your sign this month, Taurus. You're feeling on edge and ready to pick battles, but be sure to choose them wisely. Sagittarius season brings firepower to your love and sex life if you can avoid picking fights. 


Stay on top of your emails this month, because financial news comes your way, Gemini. You surprise yourself when you realize that you care for someone much more intimately than you thought. Lean into the love. They just may make the perfect party date for all the social events Sagittarius season brings.


November brings out some sensitive feelings, sweet Cancer. You're craving more intimacy within your relationships. Just beware of paranoia that could get in the way of the healthy love that you deserve. The month ends with a busy social schedule that leaves you feeling cared for and appreciated.


November encourages you to stay on top of your health, Leo. That means regular check-ups and doubling down on self-care, and taking care of yourself. Just work on staying grounded so that the eclipse towards the end of the month doesn't throw you off your game.

 VIRGO:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         VIRGO: 

You can get what you want out of love, Virgo, but first, you must figure out what you want. Use the new moon for reflection and meditation. Once you write out your desires and goals in a journal, you're more likely to manifest them. 


November starts with unexpected financial blessings, so take the win, dear Libra. You may want to put your money towards your home, as you're in the mood to redecorate and nest. Lean into your desires to beautiful your home, especially during the full moon and lunar eclipse. Avoid chaos by pouring your efforts into interior decorating


November brings out some anxiety, Scorpio, and you want to use that infamous stinger to seek revenge on your enemies. Except, they're not your enemies; they're your friends and lovers. Work on patience and loving-kindness to avoid overreacting when stress arrives in your love life.


Get stoked, Sag, because your season arrives! But first, exciting monetary and professional news comes early in the month. When the asteroid Vesta arrives in your sign, you feel like yourself. This is perfect because the Sagittarius season requires you to be the star of the show.


You don't like stress, Capricorn; it distracts you from getting work done. Thankfully, November brings serenity to your love life so that you can relax and enjoy sex. You're feeling so positive about your relationships that you start conversations about leveling up a current romance.


November asks you to trust your gut in matters of love, Aquarius. Beware of friends trying to drag you into gossip during the full moon and lunar eclipse mid-month. You may find yourself tempted to isolate, but try to say yes to at least a few social events once the adventurous Sagittarius season starts. 


November asks you to hold your boundaries in all matters of love. This can be difficult for an emotional water sign like yourself to do, but it's for the best. At the end of the month, it's all celebration and smiles as you have great fun kicking off Sagittarius season with lovers and friends.