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Aries is a dominant personality. People of this sign tend to be eager and ready to take the lead; they are all about action and will face problems head-on. When it comes to romantic relationships, they need someone who won’t get in their way. Of course, that doesn’t mean they want a complete doormat, either. An ideal partner would be someone who knows how to handle Aries without butting heads.


The fixed earth sign of Taurus is pretty set in its ways. Sometimes this can mean that Bulls are stubborn, but on a deeper level, they are sure of who they are and what they want. Literally and figuratively, Taurus is a rock for their true love and will stand by them no matter what. 


Geminis love to have fun and tend to be hard to pin down. They go where the wind takes them, and they need a partner who is just as agile. “Gemini [wants] a partner who will encourage their free thought and go with them on mini-adventures that allow the good times to roll.”


Whether we’re talking about food, presents, or attention, Cancer is a loving sign who enjoys giving, and they seek someone who shares those same values. “Cancer is looking for a partner who makes them feel at home and who takes care of themselves and others,” They are more than willing to be the shoulder you can cry on, and they will feel secure in a relationship that provides them with that same comfort.


Lighthearted and social, Leo wants a best friend as much as a lover. “Leo [needs] a partner who is willing to play with them and who sees—and appreciates—their shine,” They’re spirited people who want a partner in crime with just as much enthusiasm for life. For them, zodiac compatibility means finding someone who won’t be intimidated or turned off by their big personality.



“Virgo is primarily looking for a partner who is loving, and ethical, and who appreciates their thoughtful approach to life.” This sign does everything with purpose and expects their partner to do the same. Because of their unique standards, they can be difficult to figure out and to please, and they find the more lighthearted signs to be too careless.


Libras are marked by the concept of balance. “Libra is primarily looking for a partner who brings balance and direction to their life, who neither dictates nor passively watches them.” This intellectual sign loves to learn and desires a mutually beneficial and equal relationship.


There is a depth to Scorpio that frankly cannot be met or understood by everyone. People of this sign can be intensely private, so they want to make sure that whoever they let in is worth the risk of opening up. This might make Scorpio seem unwilling, but they do have a strong desire to find that special person. “Scorpio is looking for a partner willing to go deep with them and to see them for who they truly are under the surface,” 


Sagittarius is a sign that comes to know itself through experiences, which is why these people love to explore and try new things. Sagittarius wants their own adventure buddy. “Sagittarius [wants] someone who is willing to get deep and silly at the same time,” 


They love feeling accomplished, and they yearn for others to notice their accomplishments, too. Still, they’re only human. “Capricorn is primarily looking for a partner willing to support them and see them for all their excellence as well as their vulnerabilities,” 


Not one for tradition, Aquarius is ever the free thinker who consistently strives for improvement. People born under this sign search eagerly for new answers to old problems, taking inspiration from the unlikeliest sources. As far as romantic partnerships go, this air sign is looking for someone who can pique their intellectual curiosity. “Aquarius is primarily looking for a partner who can think deeply and clearly,” Ridout says, “and who can create a true partnership with depth and equity.”


They are comfortable with the intangible and the ethereal, like mysticism and artistic creativity. For this reason, some signs may view them as “too out there,” but admirers adore their seemingly effortless way of being.