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The psychopathic traits an Aries holds include fearlessness and at times, poor impulse control. The type of psychopath they are is the risk taking, thrill seeking psychopath, known for having poor impulse control and an impulsiveness that can be seen as fearlessness. Aries psychopaths are driven by a need for adventure or excitement as their stimulation. 


Driven by envy and self-indulgence, the psychopathic tendencies Taurus holds are a need to compensate for an overwhelming emptiness. They choose to fill that emptiness with the destruction of someone else’s life, as they take whatever they feel entitled to. The real downfall of a Taurus psychopath is that they will never be able to fill the void that plagues them. 


Lying and seduction are the traits of the Gemini psychopath. They are excellent at deducing the wants and needs of other people through interaction and observation. They know how to compliment and flatter someone into giving them exactly what they want. 


The Cancer psychopath is known to be the soulmate type. They seem to be perfect for their target, fitting in with perfect compatibility and creating a vision of a perfect future. Cancer psychopaths really seal the deal in relationships, working to fully snare their mate, then becoming the self-centered and possessive psychopath that a Cancer truly is.


Leos are social climbing psychopaths who turn on the sparkle in public while terrorizing family and family friends in private. They exhibit the psychopathic traits of being brilliant while simultaneously, and in equal measure, being paranoid and suspicious. They are vindictive and impulsive, willing to grasp and pull to climb higher, reaching for power methodically, but quickly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Psychopathic traits key to Virgos can be found in career fields full of academics like law, medicine, education and the scientific community. They are the academic psychopaths who are willing to put in the time to get where they want to be.


Libra’s are the would be Saint psychopaths with traits that include a sadistic, scheming brutality and an abusive and manipulative personality. Though they appear to have pristine morals, they simultaneously condemn everyone else as being immoral. The rigidity of their belief that they have the moral high ground leads them to be controlling and corrupt without guilt.


Scorpios are the kind of psychopath that is sexually driven. They target whomever they want whenever they want. Scorpio psychopaths have been known to enjoy a wide-ranging enjoyment of nearly everything sexual. 


A Sagittarius psychopath is also known as the used car salesman type of psychopath. They can draw anyone in with their sales pitch and carefully identify and work on their marks to make the sale. They never do a quick “one and done” pitch either, they build a rapport with the person, convincing them they are trustworthy so they can expertly manipulate them into doing what they want. 


Psychopathic traits exhibited by Capricorns are suspicious and guided by terror and vindictiveness. Capricorn psychopaths are terrified of being exposed and dangerous because they fear being caught and exposed for who they are. They are masters of creating an optimal projection but fear being forced to have responsibility for anything they do pinned to them. 


Antisocial psychopathic traits are held by the Aquarius. They refuse to obey the law or conform to social norms though they are happy to seek their own gains through conning and cheating others. They are the masters of aliases, but incapable of planning for the future. 


Pisces are the artistic type of psychopath with traits that include amazing verbal skills while displaying an impressive knowledge of either history, art, culture or in many cases all three. They appear to be charismatic, artistic, gifted and charming and stick to packs of creative type crowds to allow them to blend in.