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PISCES (1): 

Shocking, right? As much as Pisces are good lovers, they are overly emotional and moody. They tend to act on their emotions and can end up cheating on you. Nobody knows what they’ll do if they are mad at you for having fun without them!

GEMINI (2): 

Geminis are the second most likely to cheat on someone. They are impulsive and needy in a relationship and if you fail to quench their thirst for attention, they won’t shy away from finding someone who can. They work on their impulse and are known for their indecisiveness as they like to keep their options open.

LIBRA (3): 

Libras are social butterflies as they simply love to flirt! They sometimes do it unconsciously, but who’s to say they won’t go too far? They are also non-confrontational beings and would rather do something in secret than confront someone about their feelings.

ARIES (4): 

Aries are intense and passionate but also pretty impulsive. If they want something, they will do all they can to get it. And if they set their eyes on a person, they will flirt and even cheat on their current partner to woo away the other person. That’s how impulsive and disrespectful Aries can get.

LEO (5): 

Leo loves to be the centre of attention. They are confident, stubborn, drama-loving people who will do anything to get your attention back at them. If a Leo feels that you’re taking them for granted, they will not be afraid of doing something that can hurt you


Aquarius might not cheat physically, but they can lead someone on, just for the kicks. Some people count this as emotional infidelity and this can be a problem in their relationship. They are also idealists; they have high standards and if you fail to meet their standards, you will probably be replaced by someone who does.


Scorpios are fun-loving and dedicated partners. They will love you if you shower them with the same respect and love they give you. But, if they find out that you are taking them for granted or you’re unfaithful, they will not shy away from taking revenge.


Capricorns are passionate about their relationships. They will not risk losing someone who fulfils their needs. They look for specific traits in a partner, i.e hardworking, loving, and supportive. If they meet the one, there is no way in hell they will risk losing them.


Sagittarians are honest, spontaneous and fun-loving people. They are honest about their needs and feelings. They will clear out their expectations about the relationship from the start and if they happen to see other people as well, they will let you know first.

VIRGO (10): 

Virgos are kind and genuine people. They are highly intuitive and believe in telling the truth, if they feel that the relationship is not going anywhere they will clearly say it rather than cheating on you. Drama is not a part of their life and they would prefer to keep it that way.

TAURUS (11): ​​

This sign loves their stability, are dependable and stubborn. If they want things to work out with someone they will do their best to make it happen. They are loyal, patient and determined, this makes them one of the least likely signs to cheat on someone.

CANCER (12): 

Cancer is arguably the most loyal sign out of the bunch. Family, friends and lovers are the most important thing to a Cancerian. They will not do anything that can jeopardize the constant emotional support and love.