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HOROSCOPES: How you act when you're around someone you can't stand


Aries, you are not really sure of how you would act in front of the person you hate, so you try to avoid them. But you also love your social life and you are not the kind who will let their social life suffer for one person. And in case you stumble across the person you can’t stand, you would try your best to just remain cordial and have the minimum required conversation with them. 


Taurus, you don’t trust yourself to not get emotional in front of the person you hate, so you take the obvious route, which is straight up ignoring them. You know that it looks petty but you can’t help it. You usually don’t hate people easily, so if there is a person you really hate, it would have been after you have tried all possible ways to make a polite friendship work with them. 


Gemini, you are not the kind who will take the high road if someone hurts you. If you hate someone, you will make sure that you call them out on every possible occasion. You would not even hesitate in making use of social media to humiliate and poke fun at them.


Cancer, you feel your emotions too strongly and most of the time you keep them to yourself. If you are around someone you hate, you try your best to not react to them and hope that you can get out of the situation quickly. If you hate someone, you would just withdraw and walk away from that person instead of getting yourself into unnecessary arguments.


Leo, you really own your hatred and can get pretty nasty with someone you hate. You will not even hesitate to send eye rolls their way. You know it’s crazy, petty behavior but you are in no forgiving mode when you hate someone. You can also rant about them to your friends till no end and if they ever come in front of you, your fury will have no limits.


Virgo, you value your creativity for life way too much to let someone’s ways bother you. But it does happen. And when it does, you simply ignore them like a pro. You would behave as if they are invisible when you are around them.


Libra, you are very balanced and don’t hate someone easily. But if someone really does manage to rub you the wrong way, you can’t help but snap at them. You are known for having a great group of friends, and you would not hesitate to cut someone out of your life if they act nasty with you because you know, you can very easily replace them with anyone.


Scorpio you are known to be brutally honest. If you really hate someone you would rather tell them upfront and get it over with. You are not the kind who would make any effort to be polite. You will be straightforward and upfront and save everyone’s time.


Sagittarius you are too mature to know that hating someone only burns you and not them so you avoid getting angry. But if someone does manage to get in your hate list, you would simply try to avoid them. You wouldn’t go to their events or invite them to your place. You would just walk away from their life peacefully and gracefully without getting into any petty arguments or messy fights.


Capricorn, you value your time way too much to spend on hating someone. But really if someone treats you unfairly, you would not tolerate the injustice either. You would upfront tell them that you have a problem with them and will move on with your life.


Aquarius, you are not that flamboyant like other signs when it comes to expressing your hatred but that does not mean that you don’t hate anyone. When you hate someone, you will most likely keep it to yourself. 


Pisces, you can be very manipulative when you hate someone. You would not let your hatred show in your behavior. You would be very polite to them. You would hang out with them and crack jokes with them. In fact, they would never be able to find out that you hate them.