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HOROSCOPES: The best day in November for your sign


Best day: November 10

Expect to really find your voice on this day, Aries. “Don’t be surprised if you’re more apt to connect to your feelings regarding intimacy and what it is that makes you feel vulnerable,”. 


Best day: November 19

When this day occurs, the sun will be in your seventh house of partnerships, putting a strong target on any relationships that could use a boost: “You may find yourself open to large-scale understandings when it comes to a partnership, whether personal or professional,”. “Something significant may come to light that feels like it’s about to move that relationship into its next chapter.”


Best day: November 28

A relationship or two of yours may be ready for a lift this month, Gemini. On this day because you thrive on sociability, you’re going to feel quite energized as a result. “Shower others—whether your friend, partner, colleague, or client—with attention, communicating how special they are to you,”. “Not only will that make them feel great, but it will also add to the juiciness of your day.”


Best day: November 4

November 4 brought the new moon, which always holds more over your emotions than that of other signs. you could have also felt taken by creativity and inventiveness on this day. 


Best day: November 16

The energy and inspiration you’ve been craving to complete that big project may be on the horizon, Leo. On this day it would be good to re-organize your home or research into your ancestral roots, or something else along those lines.


Best day: November 18

Intuition comes easily for you on thai day, Virgo. You’ll be able to shake off your usual conventions in favor of a more go-with-the-flow outlook.Whether you decide to socialize—or spend time solo, you’ll feel a sense of peace and comfort within your own skin.


Best day: November 6

It was a great day to stay home for you, Libra. On this day you could have felt inspired to do something at which you’re skilled or wish to become skilled—whether it’s designing a new home accessory, arranging a bouquet of flowers, or cooking for an impromptu dinner party.


Best day: November 4

The new moon holds a particular way over you this month—in this case, because it’s in your sign. And with new moons typically comes newness: You could have felt like shaking up some part of yourself. That could mean buying new clothes, changing your hair, or even just portraying yourself differently on social media. Whatever you choose, it’ll feel like a powerful refresh.


Best day: November 21

Say hello to your season, Sagittarius. The sun moves into your sign on this day. “Use that extra dose of energy you feel to go on an adventure,” “Explore a new neighborhood, hit up the hotspot you’ve been wanting to try, or start planning a big getaway.” In general, with your birthday on the horizon, the cosmic energy is aligned in your favor.


Best day: November 5

You may have felt empowered to invest in yourself, Capricorn. You may have felt an urge to declare your value and the values that you stand for. And that maked it a good day to lean into any activity that really resonates with you. whether that’s heading to a museum, hanging out with family, or becoming involved in a local community program.


Best day: November 10

On this day you may have found yourself brushing up against authority in the workplace—but, it’s important to remember that positive growth often requires growing pains. You could learn a great deal about yourself in the process, and develop a renewed sense of agency “Taking stock of your aspirations on this day could have also helped inform how you might proceed along your career path,” 


Best day: November 12

The possibilities within your reach may feel practically limitless today, Pisces. Your naturally poetic and soulful self may feel even more abundant “Let yourself wander, exploring any area or subject matter that you know how the power to expand your horizons.”