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HOROSCOPES: The Most Common Relationship Problem For Your Sign


Aries are wildly romantic, and that's a good thing. But, you guys are also always in such a hurry and thus hardly ever think before you act. "This can ... cause your partner unnecessary yet deep pain, and breakups happen because you may have jumped the gun and you can't take it back once it is done," 


If you're a Taurus, then you're likely a sensual and tactile person. But diving too deep into physical experiences means it's hard for you to see another person's viewpoint, "If relationships fall short over and over for the same reason, it is very likely your partner has been trying to get you to see things the way they see them," 


Geminis are the life of the party, and are always chatting people up. "You entertain effortlessly and love to be the first to know ideas when they are new and fresh,". But this quality also gets you in trouble, as it means you get bored with people easily. You crave a relationship, but only if your partner is fun and creative, while also being stable and secure 


Of all the signs, Cancers are the most capable of deep and romantic love. This is good news for your partner. But what's not so great is your intense need for security. "This is not a problem on its own, but clinging, controlling behavior is not the way to keep a partner in your life," 


Leos are warm and uplifting to be around. But you tend to push others away by getting hurt way too easily — especially when someone has a different viewpoint from you. This obviously doesn't do well for relationships, where you often need to agree to disagree. 


Virgos love to solve problems. "The under-appreciation in our society can sometimes make a Virgo not believe in themselves, and other times it can turn into a desire to fix other people through critical nitpicking," This can lead to obvious relationship problems, since no one likes to be held under a microscope. 


As a Libra, you love aesthetics. But, your love life can turn into just an idea. Libras also have a tendency to forget themselves in a relationship, as you become other-person oriented and thus give your power away. Not always the best combination.


Scorpios are intense. "Everything is 0 to 100, [with] not much in between," This black and white thinking doesn't combine well with your desire to have a loving and deep relationship, mostly because your partner can sense the push and pull. They can also pick up on your distrustful ways, which can send partners packing. 


You are all about freedom — freedom to learn, to travel, and to explore. So you don't do well with partners who aren't willing to give you that space, You're also incredibly blunt, which you may see as a freedom of expression, but your partner may see as insensitivity and decide to leave if repeated. 


Capricorns are practical and hardworking. As a result, they tend to attract partners who are a bit dependent — and often a bit of a burden. "Asserting your needs, and then enforcing — making sure they are met — are good tactics to just say 'no' to those looking for a caregiver before it gets started."


You're a visionary, and that's a good thing — even if it means having zero clue what you'll do later on in the day. despite always having your sights set on the horizon, you also have a deep need for security right. Relationships problems can arise from this as you try to feel secure while also letting your mind wander. 


As a Pisces, you are often half present and have off in a dreamworld. This can leave your SO feeling like you aren't reliable, or that you aren't listening to what they say. While you make a great partner (when you want to be), it often takes finding someone who matches well with your ways.