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HOROSCOPES: What the rest of your week will look like


Aries, you probably want to take on so many new ventures lately. However, nothing will stick if you don’t establish a routine. For the rest of the week try to creating a daily routine to go through the motions; start small and build upon it as it becomes a habit rather than a chore.


Taurus, your worrying will be your own worst enemy this week. As more people are attracted to you, you may start creating dilemmas where none exist. It is important to notice how you feel at the moment. Worry less about how others view you after you allow yourself a moment of enjoyment and shift your focus to how you view yourself when there’s no one else around.


Gemini, your energy might be a little intense for the rest of this week, but that doesn’t mean you want to share it with people. You have a lot of healing to do and may want to direct your attention inward. Some people may find this uncomfortable, especially if they go to you to resolve their problems. But remember, you can’t pour into their cup if you have nothing to give.


Cancer, it’s time to face the hard facts that no one is going to be able to save you other than yourself. There isn’t a person on this earth who can tell you what you’re needing to hear. This week try to challenge yourself to find validation from yourself in all the movements you’re making instead of frantically digging to find it in anyone else.


Leo, if you don’t create balance in your life from all you do you are going to stretch yourself too thin. We all know that you can push yourself to get everything done however, we also know that it comes at a hefty cost. This week take a moment for yourself. You’re not a failure for needing to take time to enjoy life instead of mastering it. This makes you human.


Virgo, it would be so much easier to find joy and comfort in the company of others, even if it drains your energy at the end of the day. This week, try to make an effort to spend time with friends and family. It’s not too hard of a challenge and you should jump at the opportunity to look inward when it’s presented. 


You have been limiting yourself by keeping yourself bound to what you know. You may even find that the mask you wear around others is becoming attached to your true personality. This week is a chance to break free and find yourself against all the odds. You don’t need to continue an act that isn’t helping you enrich your life. 


Scorpio, this week you need to listen to your own inner voice before you pay attention to what others are telling you. If you feel that something is off within a conversation, roll with it. Your intuition is a power to honor; don’t let people fool you to believe in their narrative.


Sagittarius, your confidence is charming however you run the risk of being a little too proud. There’s a fine line between self-esteem and an unhinged ego, and you may find that you’re going back and forth between this. Be aware that some circumstances do require an apology that even you are not above this week. 


Capricorn, you definitely would do anything to make sure you’re providing for those you love through acts of service. This week try to focus on expressing your love in more ways than normal. You may find that sometimes you can be a little robotic with expression even though you do so much for those you care for. Try to ask those you care for how you can better show appreciation.


Aquarius, this week may challenge you and provide conflict that you have been trying to avoid. In fact, it could retrigger old wounds to open back up, making you feel more vulnerable than you have allowed yourself to be in years. However, others hurting you isn’t reflective of you as a person. This week, try to not internalize cruel words thrown your way or take on the weight of the world. 


Pisces, you are likely experiencing your main character moment this week. That’s amazing; you should soak up this shine as much as you can. But, this doesn’t mean not to stay humble. You may not feel hypersensitive this week but you know how vulnerable you feel when you do. If you notice that behavior in someone else, choose compassion, as you have no room to judge.