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HOROSCOPES: Are You A Saver Or A Spender


You're unpredictable when it comes to money. You can be frugal, use coupons and look for sales one minute, and then the next you're buying a time-share in Hawaii. You're not greedy and having ultimate wealth isn't your goal. You want to have enough money to do the things you want to do without stress


You're amazing at bartering for something you want. It doesn't matter if you're in a different country or at a local car dealership. You don't want to pay more than you want and you will wait until you get the price you want. This is one instance where your natural stubbornness comes in handy. 


You're all about impulse "I want it now" spending. If you see something, you don't wait to see if there are better deals; you need to purchase it. It would be good for you to put yourself on a budget and track your spending. Once you become more aware of how much money is going out, you'll probably won't be so free with your money. 


When it comes to money, you know how to set financial goals for yourself and you have a good balance between spending for necessities and the occasional splurge. Your best bet is to do the research and listen to your gut when it comes to financial opportunities. You know the time to put your money into a stock and when to take it out.


While you're fairly good with your money, you do tend to overindulge yourself with materialistic items from time to time. If you want the latest electronic device or a new model car, you'll buy them for yourself, even if you have to watch your money for months afterward. 


You're on point when it comes to making, saving, investing, and spending money. You try not to lend money to other people or invest in things that non-financial people may recommend. But with enough praise, you'll go against your better instincts and give a friend a loan.


You are the most balanced of all the signs. You can handle the lean times and the times when you have a little extra cash. If you need something to wear to a party but not enough money to buy something new, you'll go to a thrift store and find something to wear. 


Just like with most things, you're passionate when it comes to your money and, luckily, making money seems to come easily for you. You like total control over your money and it's extremely difficult for you to part with any of it. 


You like to go with the flow and you tend not to get too involved with your finances, which isn’t always a good thing. When your finances are in a good place, and you've done the planning and goal-setting, you're freer to do the things you want to do. 


You have a gift for saving money but you tend to obsess over how much you've saved. You’ll wait until something is the cheapest it can be, no matter if the item is no longer trendy. It's great that you're on top of your money and can account for it, but there are other things in life than making and saving money. 


You're a giving person and you'd rather give your money to some charitable organization and have a simpler life than buy something flashy and pricey. If you tap into your creative mind, you can come up with ways to give, save, and spend.


Your selfless nature gets you into trouble repeatedly. If someone cheats you or rips you off but asks for another chance, you'll give it to them. If they borrowed money from you before but never gave it back, you'll still lend them some.