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HOROSCOPE: How To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays


Two words: Slow down. Aries have a tendency to get ahead of themselves so they should choose one object that’s going to spice up their home for the holidays and call it a day. “While shopping and Aries might get a bunch of exciting ideas, but by the time they get home, those ideas will have been just that.” 


A Taurus just loves stuff. This isn’t necessarily because they are materialistic; it’s because the pleasure of living lies in satisfying all five senses to the max. It’s important for them to not just present their holiday finds but also to create an entire atmosphere. “An essential oil diffuser is, for lack of a better word, as essential as music to Taurus,” 


Gemini’s see decorating as a means to an end. Their goal isn’t necessarily to make their house look the best but to provide their guests with the experience they’re looking for so they will enjoy being there. “They’ll decorate their home to accommodate their guests,”. “This can mean getting the latest streaming devices [and] board games or funny decor.”


Cancers crave a homey feeling. This means preparing meals and being surrounded by meaningful decorations. “Cancers will decorate their homes more with aromas from baking than anything else,” “All the decorative gifts they’ve collected from past family members will come out of storage and Every decoration and holiday treat will have a story attached to it.”


You know that house on the block that always has 10,000 strings of lights, three inflatable snowmen, and countless ornaments dangling from its trees? That’s a Leo. “They are a competitive sign,” “so they will be the ones most likely to overwhelm their windows or their porch with a loud, decorative piece that draws attention to them and their home.”



Virgo is not a sign that indulges. “A Virgo home is always in order” “Virgo will decorate their home by switching out practical household items for their festive equivalent.” This is when the “Number One Mom” coffee mugs transform into ceramic Santa cups. For Virgo, it’s not so much about decorating as it is about establishing a theme.


Libras are somewhat similar to Virgos when it comes to holiday decorating because they, too, like order. “To them, symmetry is beauty,” “Libra is as close to a fine-art critic as you can get when it comes to decorating the home. Balancing things is their specialty in life and in aesthetics.” For this reason, hanging themed art during the holidays is one of the most satisfying things for Libra.


Scorpios only really need one item to ensure a successful holiday: and that is chocolate. “Chocolate is essential,” “It is full of symbolism, and Scorpios enjoy adding levels of meaning to their surroundings.” 


A Sagittarius wants their home to be bright, positive, and inviting,” Creating a beautiful table top display is right up a Sagittarius alley. “They enjoy the pleasures the holidays bring in terms of food, drink, and laughter, and so they want an ambiance that will match the joy.”


Winter is Capricorn season, so holiday decorating is almost therapeutic for this sign. “Decorating for them has to come with substance and be within tradition,” “It is good medicine for a Capricorn to take some time out of their busy day to mindfully beautify their surroundings with bright lights.


Aquarius is rather selfless around the holidays, focused much more on giving than receiving. An Aquarius will do whatever it takes to ensure the happiness of their guests, even having personalized items on hand. “They want the generosity of the holidays to shine through more than anything else,” 


The same thing that makes Pisces lovable is, also what makes them somewhat irritating. Pisces loves the holidays. (Some would say a little too much.) “Pisces is a sign that loves the music and the nostalgia that the holidays bring out,” It’s not just a fun time of year for Pisces; it’s a truly sentimental one. When it comes to activities at your holiday gathering, classic movies, will be playing on repeat in the background.