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HOROSCOPES: What Sagittarius Season Will Look Like For You


Aries, you’ll find this season to emphasize inner growth, so you might be extra focused on self-reflection and expanding yourself that way. “This is a season of transformation for you.” Try journaling or leaving gratitude notes around your home.


Things are getting a bit heavy for you, Taurus, as you shed a few layers and bloom in your social life. “You’ll be experiencing growth in your relationships this season. Sagittarius season gives you a chance to look in the mirror of others. While you can’t change how you’re perceived, you can take notes.


Sagittarius season is coming in hot and shaking up some of your close, special relationships. “While impulse control isn’t usually your lesson, the phrase “act now and think later” comes to mind. This season allows you to observe where you hold yourself back by so iff it feels right, just do it already!.


Cancer, you may feel the need to reflect on your usual ritual of caregiving during the Sagittarius season as means of growth. “Venus directly opposes your sign this season until January. This marks a time of feeling uncomfortable in areas you normally excel at — taking care of others. You may feel taken advantage of , but try to remember that while you are well versed in love languages, you don’t always need to adapt to others.


Leo, this season is uplifting your happiness as it hones in on your personal pleasure, specifically as it relates to the people surrounding you. “The Sagittarius sun is highlighting your love for social interaction this season. But, you may have noticed a totally different group around you this year, compared to last. This is an opportunity to understand the phrase: you are the company you keep,” 



Sagittarius season is all about personal renovations, so expect to feel extra nostalgic and sentimental in the upcoming weeks. “Waving your magic wand comes second nature, especially when it comes to home improvement. This season will give you some extra push to finish those projects around the house.


Libra, this season is urging you to rest and recollect yourself over the next several weeks, especially if your social battery is running low — it’s OK to spend a quiet night indoors rather than your usual social outings. Make a compromise to stay local or engage in more productive modes of partying.


Scorpio, over the upcoming weeks you’ll feel a shift of focus on your finances and inspiring you to take action to expand your money. Take what you learned last month and integrate it into your personal values.


It’s your time to grow, Sagittarius, and as the zodiac adapts to your adventurous ways, you’ll be undergoing the most noticeable shifts of all. Take this time to reflect on the year and focus on the ways you can mindfully expand your heart and mind..


With Sagittarius moving in on matters of your subconscious, you can expect revelations and hidden parts of yourself to come out to. It’s important because finally people will start to see relationships (love and business) the way you do — tactically and practically. 


Aquarius, this season is getting you ready to accept help from others around you, which you might think you’re too self-sufficient to do — but once you lean on others, you’ll find abundance waiting for you. “This season gives you an ability to act on the goals you’ve set forth this year, particularly in your career. 


Pisces, this season is moving into your house of occupation, so you might notice a shift of focus on professional relationships and looking to a wise mentor could help you achieve your goals. Use Sagittarius season as an opportunity to seek out teachers or platforms that allow you to take action.