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HOROSCOPES: What you do when you really miss someone


You don’t believe in holding back your feelings. So, when you miss someone, you don’t keep it to yourself…you just pick up that phone and dial the person you’re missing and send them virtual hugs and kisses and make them feel super loved.


You don’t always express what you’re feeling, and sometimes when you miss someone too much, you just go into your favourite corner and sit alone for a while thinking about them. You’d probably go through all your pictures with the person you’re missing and maybe stalk them for a bit on social media. It’s your way of keeping track of what’s going on in their life.


You have two sides to you, and can switch to either one in a matter of a few seconds. And this is exactly what you do when you’re missing someone. If it’s a friend or a lover you ended things on a bad note with and can’t call up and text, you would probably get sad for a while thinking about them… But after a while, you’d start trying to distract yourself from the pain of it all, and switch back to your normal, happy self.


You love fiercely, Cancer, which is why when you miss someone, you miss them with all your heart and find it hard to stop thinking about them or missing them. You often seclude yourself from other people and continue thinking about both the good times and the not so good ones you had for a long time.


If you’re missing someone, Leo, you’d probably just send them a random, weird text. The text wouldn’t necessarily say that you’re missing them, but would just remind the other person that you’re thinking of them and the good times you’ve had together.



You aren’t a big fan of displaying your emotions and often hold them back. So even when you’re really missing someone, you wouldn’t go ahead and directly say it to them. You’d probably call them and linger on and keep talking about irrelevant things and indirectly let the other person figure out that you were actually missing them. You may even deny it slightly if they point it out!


You are a people person and totally comfortable in your skin. Which is why you hardly hold yourself back from telling people what’s on your mind and in your heart. And so, when you really miss someone…you believe in just putting it out there. 


Even when you really miss someone, only in the rarest of rare moments would you actually tell them about it. You would think back to the time you spent with that person and even wish with all your heart that you could time travel back to those days, but very rarely would you let your feelings be known.


 Sagittarius, think what you feel, and say what you think, without ever filtering it much. Which is why when you’re really missing someone, you just make plans with them to meet them. You believe the only way to not miss the good old times is by making new memories!


Actions speak louder than words, and you put this to practice. When you miss somebody, you wouldn’t tell them you’re missing them, but would rather send them a snapchat, or maybe get them flowers or even put up a picture with them. Just whatever would make the other person smile.


You like to see the good in everybody and everything. You live in a world of your own making, keeping your thoughts private even from your closest of friends. And so even when you miss somebody, you send them love and kinda sleep over it, without dwelling on it for long.


You have strong faith in the workings of the universe, and believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason. So if you have a fallout with a friend or a lover, and really miss them, you’d explain to yourself that there is some larger cosmic working behind it and leave it at that.